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The Easter 2016 thread -mark 2

Discussion in 'Retirement' started by Rendellers, Mar 5, 2016.

  1. Rendellers

    Rendellers New commenter

    The mark 1 thread got high jacked a bit. So I've only got 14 more get ups to go and I must say I'm getting rather excited. However I am a little nervous about how to extracate myself from a school which I have been associated for over 25 years. Any advice?
  2. lindenlea

    lindenlea Star commenter

    Plan to get rid of all your resources, either pass them on or throw them out if your feeling draconian, leave the union, and cancel any other teaching related memberships ( apart from this of course). Sort out your wardrobe. Make a sharp break of it. It might hurt. Then if you want to keep in contact with friends - as friends not colleagues - you can build back up again. Change your mind set from ending something to beginning something, but give yourself time. Maybe find a transition thing - I did CAB, which felt a work type thing, but I moved on into complete retirement after 18months or so. Plan to stay healthy - through health promoting activities and good eating. Join something new - a choir or a bell ringing team or something and go out of doors as much as possible. You will be amazed at how lovely it is to watch the seasons change day by day.
    Good luck, don't panic and shed a tear if you feel the need.
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  3. jacob

    jacob Lead commenter

    I'll drive away with my hand out of the window raising the two fingered salute.
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  4. swotter

    swotter New commenter

    Snap, I am leaving in 14 days time and I can't wait. I am a little worried that my LEA has not contacted TPS but I am assured that I will be paid until the end of April, so they have plenty of time to sort out my pension.
    I have booked a pottery course for a morning and I will be helping out with visiting older people. I am not going to organise too much as this will be like working again...
  5. lizziescat

    lizziescat Star commenter

    You are not retiring from....You are retiring to....
    So what is it? Growing prize dahlias, redesigning the garden? Writing that novel?

    For me the best thing was enrolling to do a HE degree. It means I have been thrust into a world of essay writing, reading and (yes even more) deadlines. But it means I have not looked back for even one zillion th of a nano second
    (And I of course all those deadlines and pressures are things I am a) interested in and b) can walk away from if I'm no longer enjoying)
  6. gymjack

    gymjack New commenter

    I'm half way through my second year of retirement. I don't miss teaching.

    In my first year I felt a bit as though I was in no man's land but I made a conscious decision not to commit to anything. Things started to fall into place in year two and now I've got the beginnings of a routine. I'm about to embark on a major revamp of part of the house so that will keep me out of trouble for a while.

    I thank heavens fairly regularly for the Teachers' Pension Scheme and feel very lucky to have escaped from a profession which has decended into total madness.
  7. eljefeb90

    eljefeb90 Senior commenter

    Agree wholeheartedly. It's strange going from 'never having a free moment/multi-tasking/ your life governed by bells to having all this time in front of you. I,too, spent 25 years in my last school, but the whole system is so toxic, I was so delighted by the prospect of leaving. I tried to mentally let go and stop caring so much over the last three months of my time there, so I started to forget the frustrations and went around with a smile on my face.
    It is a mental adjustment though...I read something about North Koreans escaping to the West and finding it hard too......
    My advice is to sort out some off-peak holidays or longer stays away and join a U3A group. It's easy to get hooked on Homes under the Hammer and Escape to the Country!
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  8. Yoda-

    Yoda- Lead commenter

    I like off-peak holidays. Cheaper and no kids....
  9. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    At this point, you need to be tying up the loose ends, removing any personal property you want to keep, redistributing stuff you don't want to keep to those who need or deserve it.
    Copy worksheets and the like onto a memory stick if you plan on doing any tutoring.
    Make sure you say thank you and good bye to those who have supported you.

    I ended up retiring sooner than I had anticipated. I spent a term dossing about, going for walks, sorting the garden and the like. Then people started to want me to do things, and being valued was really nice - I avoided the stressy stuff and all of a sudden the days got full again.

    I am now doing a variety of things, using my skills and imagination. Funnily enough none of the things that were said about me in the dark days seem to be true any more.
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  10. I am going to decorate edible eggs for coming Easter.
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  11. Piranha

    Piranha Star commenter

    Go on, leave them for your colleagues. They have go to carry on when you can relax.

    I would suggest that you stay in it for a while in case something nasty emerges where you might want some support, paying a retired contribution or whatever your union offers.

    Yes, early retirement offers you plenty of opportunites.

    Another excellent piece of advice. I did both together by joining a running club, not having run since I left school. As a result, I have a new set of friends and am fitter than I have been for years. I have my first half marathon on Sunday, and am planning a marathon in October.

    Retirement is great. I hope you can make the most of it. Good luck.
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  12. Lindaminh

    Lindaminh New commenter

    Enjoy and give yourself time to breathe and do the things you have wanted to do. It's great to get your life back and gave time for hobbies again. Don't feel pressured to rushing into a new life, let it develop, meet up with other retirees if you can. It's helped me that I had friends, ex teachers, who had retired early too and I have so made some new friends too. Clear out all the teaching stuff, recycle to colleagues and use the space at home for your own interests. Try not to get sucked back in, especially if your school has staffing difficulties.
    Have fun
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  13. Rendellers

    Rendellers New commenter

    Thanks for all your suggestions. I had already signed up for a creative writing course having heard about futurelearn from this forum and I have a wedding dress for my eldest to make by Whit weekend (had to think for a moment how not to say that in school lingo).Spent this afternoon emptying some shelves and getting rid of all that paperwork that might have,but never did, come in useful.I think I was really more concerned how to exit the speeches, what are you going to do etc but to be honest having had an extra 2 days off before weekend due to a virus I think i'll actually just float out of the door next week.Shopping for bridesmaid dresses and wedding crafting will take up Easter weekend. woop.
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  14. Long-Time-Governor

    Long-Time-Governor New commenter

    Walk away and don't look back.
  15. curlyk

    curlyk New commenter

    Never say anything you may regret at your leaving speech,thank all those who have been really helpful and then carefully wipe the dust off your feet as you leave the building and do not look back. Enjoy the start of a new way of life and enjoy every minute.You have earned this time for you and yours by what you have given to education and others in your career.xxx
  16. lindenlea

    lindenlea Star commenter

    Like x 10.
  17. Rendellers

    Rendellers New commenter

    Woop woop the day has arrived. I've survived the evening meal and farewells at most of the schools I work for just one last assembly to go. So far I have not disgraced myself and have enjoyed the process. Hope everyone else leaving today is in a happy place.
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