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The Duchess of Cambridge?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by ResourceFinder, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. Not a Princess then?
  2. bnm


    I thought a duchess was higher than a princess.....but I'm not very clued in on these things.
  3. She will be HRH Princess Catherine Wales The Duchess of Cambridge
  4. dont know but they may become

    Prince William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

    I thought Fergie was unhappy that she was Duchess of York rather than Fergie, Princess of ...
  5. <>
    I dont think so
  6. William and Harry are both known as Wales and she will take that name! When charles becomes king they will be the prince and princess of Wales!

    Funny how you asked and then when someone told you then say you don't think so!

    Actually she will be HRH princess William of Wales duchess of Cambridge!!!
  7. In fact, I understand that, whilst the Queen could have made her a Princess through giving William a specific Prince title (as with Charles, Prince of Wales hence Di, Princess of Wales)

    Not born a princess means she cannot be Princess Catherine
  8. Yes, I think so
  9. Not true!! Not many female royals are born a princess - Diana was the daughter of an earl therefore born a lady not a princess, she will be known as Princess William if Wales the Duchess of Cambridge - informally princess Catherine
  10. Of not if
  11. The difference is

    Anne, born a princess is Princess Anne

    Diana, not born a princess hence Diana, Princess of ... ...

    From what I have read she will be known as Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

    The informal "Princess Catherine" will be just that ... Informal and not an accurate title
  12. NB

    I do not work for Debrettes (sp) so this is my thoughts rather than me suggesting facts [​IMG]
  13. I just wish that The BBC would stop calling the flags Union Jacks....they should know better.
  14. Ah understand you however she will be Princess William of Wales - like Princess Michael of Kent. Still a princess hence Princess Diana, so here it is. HRH Princess William of Wales the Duchess of Cambridge.
    It will all change when Charles becomes King!
  15. True

    Though if rather than when perhaps
  16. No not still a princess, yo can only be a princess if you are born one.

    There never was a 'Princess Diana'- not officially.
  17. So if she becomes Catherine Princess of Wales then still not a Princess?
  18. When Charles and Di divorced (my understanding is) the Queen decided to allow her to keep the title ... probably as a politic decision ... the title could have been removed so that suggests she was not a Princess
  19. Princess Anne's children could have been called Princess Zara and Prince... wotsit
    But they chose not to and had them removed unlike Andrew's children Princess Eugenie and Beatrice... so it seems any princess can have the title removed.
  20. I thought it was because the Queen would not allow Camilla to be Princess of Wales and so Kate has to be Duchess of Cambridge so as not to put Charle's nose out of joint.?

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