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The Doggy Thread

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Mangleworzle, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. The first time I took my water phobic dog to the beach he was in his element running on the lovely wet sand, until....

    A flock of seagulls flew out to sea so he gave chase and suddenly realised he was neck deep in the sea. He froze and would not move. Several minutes later OH was taking shoes and socks off ready to wade in when he 'came round' and galloped to the beach. This is supposedly a gundog who will water retrieve. Hmm.
  2. Mangleworzle

    Mangleworzle Star commenter

    My cairn used to chase trains when she was younger, took her for a walk to a large field with a train line alongside, she'd see the train coming in the distance and time her run to intercept it and then very proudly trot back to me when she'd seen it off.
  3. Mine is currently sat with jowls draped over my leg drooling because I have a bowl of cheese savoury snacks (the little shaped biscuits). Possibly his favourite snack!
  4. I was just going to write 'I love this thread' but you beat me to it!

    I can officially be a member of this thread now too -rather than just an envious looker-on because I HAVE A DOG! YAY!

    I have wanted a dog for sooooo long and it's true that good things come to those who wait! We picked up OUR dog a couple of weeks ago from a rescue centre. He's approx 9 months old, allegedly a lab/collie cross (everyone who sees him says he's something different!)and absolutely gorgeous!

    We went to the beach a couple of days after he got us and he loved it (despite trying to eat the cars as they went passed on the journey there! - He was too tired to bother on the way back!) He can dig like a good 'un (I feel he may have damaged the entire eco-system of the north wales coast line!)

    He's incredibly friendly - which is a blessing and a curse as he wants to hug everybody he sees! And I do believe he is the nosiest dog in the world - he sits and watches anything that isn't close enough to hug!

    We went to our first training class last week - He barked and barked and barked because he wanted to visit all the other dogs and owners but he wasn't allowed. In the end the trainer made him wear a squirty collar and sprayed him everytime he barked!

    We have our second class in a couple of hours - fingers crossed he behaves as he does at home! (The trainer says she will have 'They're not like that at home' engraved on her tombstone as it is the phrase she hears the most!)

    Anyway - I have rambled on enough(although I could write much more about him...and you're lucky I didn't get my phone out to show you all the photos!)

  5. Oh good luck! Training classes have given me an insight into how parents must feel during parents' evenings!

    Bob managed to get off the lead during our first class. The trainer shouted over at me 'Please don't let your dog off the lead'. I replied 'I didn't let him off...and what do you mean MY dog. I've never seen him before!' Bless, I don't really want to disown him!
  6. Puppy class was a nightmare. We had to use the mop EVERY week as he got overexcited being in a small village hall with many other puppies.
  7. They have sand on the floor at our class. Everyone comes out covered in the stuff (well you would wouldn't you with ten young dogs showing off their digging skills?!)

    It is really funny to watch - it's as though they take it in turns! You're trying to listen to what the trainer is saying while trying to dodge great clouds of sand!
  8. the joys of puppy classes!!! my regular thursday night haunt is a local football club hall and 20 or so pups and 15 teenage yobs. (teenage dogs that is!)
  9. ...But have the lessons actually helped? I don't mind being ritually embarrassed, covered in sand and given a headache IF the lessons work!

  10. I have to say no. Monty was the ideal pupil at training, he would come, he would heel, do tricks, everything. But, when you got him outside in the real world, it was an entirely different matter. That's my own fault, though, for getting a working dog that has never worked. Too much instinct; not enough discipline.
  11. I had THE worst experience of Puppy training. Bearing in mind that MY little rascal was the only one who was sitting by my side - paying full attention to ONLY me!

    then he decided to lay down (WOW) and chew on the buckle of his lead (TEETHING)

    I was REALLY told of for this - and them ordered to hit my dog (the trainer demonstrated on their dog!!!! Who was doing NOTHING but sitting in the corner)

    I told her what i thought and walked out! Never to go back again!

    OH! but during the class she came over and told me that my dog had 'Puppy Mange' - having no idea what that was - i asked

    'Well it's life threatening' was the response i got!

    Speeding over to the vets - he told me that it was mearley lice. he checked him (which was done by scraping a layer of skin from his groin) which went with many yelps and sad noises from my little one - for the vet to say - 'I have no idea what she's on about - clean as a whistle.'

    I sent an invoice to her for the £75 that is cost my - have i heard anything???

    Yeah right!

    I trained my pup myself. He sits, Lays Down, Heels (although we don't really use it), Shows me paw. Waits, Leaves and is AMAZING at recall!

    I Thankyou!
  12. We went to puppy classes but to be honest I taught him most of the stuff form the Victoria Stilwell it's me or the dog book.

    He hardly barks at home but wouldn't stop there - in the end he won the most improved puppy award - lol 'cos he had stopped barking I think.

    He is well trianed but the only thing is I cannot let him off the lead as off lead he occasionally takes a dislike to 1 dog in every 500 adn has a fgo at them - on the lead he NEVER bothers - so he is permanently on it now - good job I have 2 boys who can run fast wiht him.

    Lol - I too put it down to the terrier instinct that is hard to overcome - he's adamn fine mouser though!
  13. I am outraged at that! How DARE she call herself a trainer! Her poor dog and any others whose owners listened to her advice!

    The trainer at our class is lovely - in fact she wouldn't let us use the check chain that the rescue had given us because she said they were cruel. She strongly believes in praising the positives. One poor pup at the class didn't get any treats so she implored the owner to use them in future and gave him some to use for the class.

    Bob is pretty good at sitting, staying, dropping, etc. He also comes to heel - which is very cute to watch (it involves a lot of wiggling - and occasional stroppy 'I don't want to go slow' noises!)It's at class he is a nightmare! Mind you we've only done the one - who knows, he may be star pupil tonight! (I am trying not to laugh too loudly while I type!) The only thing we really need to get sorted is the affectionate greatings of all moving things!

    Better go or we'll be late for class! (Don't want to add tardiness to our list of bad habbits!)
  14. Obviously I was referring to the trainer in post 201 and not Leviosa or Victoria Stilwell! (I always thought she was called Sitwell -which is V appropriate!)
  15. Miss D Meaner - treats NEVER work with my cocker either. I was continually told to take out cheese, cooked chicken or sausages but whatever I took, a bird to chase was always far more appealing. He very rarely eats outdoors.
  16. impis

    impis New commenter

    I used to take Ben to classes. He was beside himself seeing all those other dogs. All he wanted to do was play. However, he could walk by my side, [with a fair bit of tension on the lead] and could do left and right turns really well. However, he will not walk onlead for anyone else. [sometimes, for my son, he will] - so when the trainer took his lead, in order to demonstrate the correct manner to do something that I was doing wrong, Ben would become a bad thing, full of bounce, and jumping about trying to grab the lead as if on springs.

    It became a bit of a joke - the trainer would say that I was not doing something correctly, and I'd offer him the lead and say 'ok, show me how its done', whereupon he'd grin sheepishly and walk off.

    Today, Ben and I have been to school, where some of our grounds are being landscaped. The caretaker's dog - a young German Shepherd *****, was there. Halley, and Ben adore each other and run round and round playing. They wore themselves out, and jumped down into the newly dug pond, where a patch of muddy water lay at the bottom. They lapped up the water. And then they lay down in it. Mud and all. Halley had to be hosed down, and Ben refused to budge. [untill I lied and said 'cat!'] I dried him off with a towel, as cold water makes his tail sore, for some reason.

    I think wearing white joggers was a bad decision for today.
  17. Yes, Monty CAN retrieve perfectly when he chooses. On holiday, he was literally dropping the tennis ball at my feet!! Very impressive!! However, most days, he will play for a while, then get to the point where a nice smell/bird becomes more interesting, so when I throw it, he just looks at it land and runs the other way. Makes me look like a right twit!
  18. awwwww!

    Lots of love and belley ribs and waggy tails and snuggles going out to Cocker. xxx
  19. My wee fella lost his last puppy tooth today. He's turning into a big boy!
  20. loving the name Wellington. Mine is called Xander (From buffy the vampire slayer - i always had a thing for Xander (yum yum) - plus is a cool name!)

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