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The Doggy Thread

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Mangleworzle, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. sorry sorry sorry!

    Forget comment on SS - wrong poster!

    oops! x
  2. impis

    impis New commenter

    Ben came with the rest of the family to a car boot sale on Sunday morning. There were, of course, other families with their dogs. Ben is very friendly, and loves to meet other dogs - but sadly, not all dogs are the same. It really makes me cross when people who own dogs that hate other dogs take them to places where they will meet other dogs. [sorry if that's a longwinded sentence]. A family walked past us [we're just getting out of the car] - and their staffordhire bull terrier was lunging and snarling at ben. The owners had difficulty holding him back. Ben woofed, just the once, in reply. My family got upset with me because I [very loudly so's they could hear] said that I thought it was disgusting that people brought such dogs to where there would be crowds and other dogs. But it makes me so very cross. Several times, we could hear this dog going off at other dogs as they passed. In my opinion, it is not safe for a snarlying lunging dog to be in crowds, particularly when there are children around. The poor folks who are already nervous of dogs get traumatised - and what would happen if its lead had broken [which does happen sometimes]..

    oh, I can't tell you how cross that makes me!
  3. Ah, I'm taking Monty to a bootsale tomorrow!

    He smells of horse manure. What shall I do? He's stunk the house out!
  4. No tub in our house!! Too bloody messy to put him in the shower, it really doesn't work. I could hose him down but I feel sorry for him!! Pathetic!
  5. impis

    impis New commenter

    I hosed Ben down a week ago. The next day, his tail was all limp and lack-lustre. I did a bit of research on the WWW and it seems that this is a common problem after bathing a dog - particularly if he goes to sleep with a wet tail. [apparently]

    So if you do hose him down, make sure to dry his nether regions and tail well.
  6. Just wanted to say i have had THE most lovelyist day with my Lab Pup Xander. We went to the local field with his favourite tennis ball (did a big pooh and the way there - couldn't wait another 100m but! I DID have my pooh bags!)

    When we got to the field - it was run as fast as a doggys legs will take him. eventually - I sat down - he came next to me, plopped on his belly - over onto his back for 20 mins of glorious belly rubs!

    there was a teenage football game going on and he didn't even want their golden football!!!
    He was off his lead for the whole time on the field!

  7. Mangleworzle

    Mangleworzle Star commenter

    An earlier thread reminded me of a black lab we had years ago. He liked water, but only paddling, never went in far enough to swim. The best bit which always make me laugh uncontrollably was when he decided to retrieve things from under the water. He never worked out that you couldn't breathe underwater and never worked out how to hold his breath. It was ok at first as he always seemed to be breathing out when his head went under as there'd be all these bubbles coming out of his nose, but of course, he eventually had to breathe in and so would jump up panic-striken coughing and snorting to my endless amusement - he never did learn though, but always loved the water.
  8. my lab is a water boy - most definatley!

    I haven't been able to find anywhere to take him yet - but if there's a puddle! he'd splash around all day long!

    He had me in creases the other week while on a walk and he clocked a puddle - ran over to it - and just belly flopped.

    He had been washed, Bathed, Groomed and coat cut the day before mind you!
  9. Mangleworzle

    Mangleworzle Star commenter

    He sounds great bplanky! Maybe there's a possibility of doggy-therapy for depressives. A central register of the funniest dogs that you can take out for half an hour's walk whose antics are guaranteed to have you in hysterics.
  10. hey! now that IS an idea!

    I can feel the cogs churning away in my brain!
  11. My smelly dog is going in the bath tonight - just washed te kid's bedding - pointless putting it back on if mutley is still minging !
  12. you all know about my cute, Gorgeous Lab pup - well i woke up this morning and my shoe had been chewed!

    He's not THAT cute and gorgeous this morning!
  13. mancminx

    mancminx New commenter

    Read a few of these threads but there are far too many to read them all.
    Anyone got an Airedale Terrier?
    I fancy getting one of those.
  14. no - it's just the lab for me - but i'd also love of those.
    Have a friend who had a x-breed of one - and he was LOVELY!
  15. I persuaded my 5 month old lab puppy into the sea in Cornwall last week by walking further and further out. He stood on the sand as if to say 'come back' then eventually braved the water and swan round me in circles grabbing my shorts!

    When we got back on the beach, he went mental. He barked, chased me in circles, bit me and ran around like a bunny for at least half an hour!
  16. hee hee! Something in the Cornish water me thinks!
  17. My dog spent a week in the Cornish sea too this year. He absolutely loves the water, but the waves at Porthleven were too scary for him. Oddly enough, he won't go into the sea if my o/h is in there. He just stands on the beach barking at him!! It is funny if he manages to persuade him to go in because he picks Monty up whilst he's swimming and his little front legs keep going - hilarious!!

    There's nothing better than watching him going crazy on the beach. My o/h runs up and down the beach with him at his side. That dog would follow him to the ends of the earth!
  18. My collie seems to have a new friend. A magpie has taken to hoping up as close as it can to her and if she remains lying down even seemed to land briefly on her back. I went of to get my phone to video it but collie has come in and birdy has now flown off.


    I went to get my phone to take a pictu
  19. I balls that one up.
  20. My dog is getting on a bit now, will be a teenager next year, and behaves like a pensioner till he hits the beach!!

    He instantly reverts to puppyhood, flinging himself into the sea, diving off rocks into the water, digging holes, shredding seaweed......mind you, he does need to sleep for about three days afterwards...!!

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