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The Doggy Thread

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Mangleworzle, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. miss d , how you doin?
  2. I don't think that's cocker rage, as there IS a reason for it. I don't know about yours, but my cocker is EXTREMELY jealous. He even gets jealous if my o/h and I have a cuddle - he has to get in between us and be the centre of attention. Has he been neutured? I always put Monty's lack of tolerance towards other dogs down to him still having his balls!! Even though I took him training and socialised him from a very young age, he still doesn't want to mix with other dogs. So when they come bounding up to him, he just snaps at them to tell them to eff off!!
  3. impis

    impis New commenter

    Oh dear. My dog's tail has stopped working today. This happened a few weeks ago too - I think I may have mentioned it before - when he hurt his tail by wagging it too hard and hitting it on the side of his crate. On that occasion, it cost me loads to get him fixed - a steroid jab and pain killers.

    This time there doesn't seem to be any pain, tho he is looking a bit mournful. I've had abit of a look round the www and have discovered that this sometimes happens after swimming in cold water, or by having a bath and then sleeping with a wet tail.

    Guess who had a bath yesterday - or rather - a cold shower in the garden?!

    According to the info - he should be back to normal after about 3 days. Fingers crossed. He looks kinda sorry for himself with a limp tail.

    ps. I've got my son to do a new video clip showing him opening the gate. As soon as he sends it to me, I'll upload and you can take a look.
  4. Strange. The food thing is weird. I wonder if he resents sharing with the lab?? I guess your only option is a dog psychologist! Hey, you could get Victoria Stilwell round!!
  5. My dog is in his element right now. Lying in a patch of sunlight chewing on a giant pig's ear (I dread to think how large to pig was judging by its ear). Doggie bliss.
  6. impis

    impis New commenter

    Watch he doesn't choke on it.

    Seriously, dogs are too optimistic about what they are able to swallow. They just want to get it down their necks as soon as possible. As soon as its pliable enough, he may try to swallow it.

    I'd never leave a dog unattended while eating a pigs ear.

    I would never let a child eat orange segments for pretty much the same reason. I once [as a small child] choked on a piece of orange and can still remember the trauma of my mom grabbing my feet, dangling me upside down while pummelling my back like a boxer's training bag.
  7. He's never left alone when chewing! After having to hoik out gravy bones firmly wedged across the inside of the top his mouth on several occasions. He isn't allowed to run with sticks either. Although he did find a two pack of alka seltzer and ate them when he was a puppy. Cue foaming at the mouth and instant panic by me.
  8. lol, nearly wet myself at the foaming at them mouth panic. I would have been on the chair!
  9. Monty had a nasty accident with a lamb bone once. I have to say, that I didn't give it to him, he stole it from the bin!! Anyway, bank hoiday Monday I was walking him as usual before going to see my friend for the day. Monty kept coming up to me and squatting, like he was in pain at the bottom end. Sometimes he gets grass stuck and, rather disgustingly, I have to put him in the bath and pull it out (ewww!). However, when I got home to my mum's and put him in the bath, I looked at his bottom, and it wasn't grass sticking out! He had a triangular, really sharp fragment of bone poking out. Cue hours at the emergency vets having an operation to extract it!! Nasty!!
  10. Oh I've done the 'pulling out the grassy poo' thing with a poo bag over my hand. He gets really upset when he has a 'dangler'! On a serious note, an acquaintance's dog died recently from a punctured stomach from a bone splinter.
  11. Miss D, your lab being entire is the problem, if you get him done this should sort out your cocker's issue with him - your lab is probably being a teenage hooligan in dog terms and the cocker is just reminding him who's boss between them.
  12. in many cases an entire dog will be 'dominant' although that word isn't really accurate over a castrated dog.it's a sign of being a good catch,it's like having fashionable clothes, having tattoos and generally being 'an 'ard bloke!' If you watch closely your lab might be making eye contact or posturing in a particular way to upset the cocker and he's got every right to have a go back. Also he's at typical yob age and the cocker is just putting him back into line.

    if he doesn't get done it might be quite likely the lab will take over as top doggy dog and the cocker will just have to lump it.

  13. impis

    impis New commenter

  14. impis

    impis New commenter

    Re 150 - yeah, that is a very funny clip. Typically, its a boxer that's involved.

    Thanks for posting the link.
  15. RE: Lab V cocker

    If the lab isn;t 'done' it might just be the hormones he is producing that the cocker is picking up on - it might be a doggy smell that we mere humans can't sense?

    who know! the wonders of pooches!
  16. I'm fairly sure mine sleeps under his duvet (!) all day with the occasional nibble at the plaster on the wall (though I think we have curbed that now). Oh, and throwing his head back to howl at the phone ringing. And lickng his nuts of course.
  17. grrrrrr (as in cross not a doggy grr)

    Went to my in-laws today as they needed their hedge cutting and dad-in-law at 91 is getting past it - plus he has senile dementia which is worsening so not really safe to le thim loose wiht electric hedge cutters.

    Took doggy out for a walk whilst hubby did the hedge.

    A neighbour of my in-laws (small cul de sac - known my m-i-l for years) brings his old dog out the house to have a poo on the grass (there is a grassed turning circle at bottom of cul de sac) He never lets it poo in his garden - just on the grass where the kids play (he does pick it up though!)

    Anywya we were jsut baout to get in the car and his dog started barking at ours - eldest son had our dog on his lead (we NEVER let him off) - but he didn;t have hold tight as he was climbing in the car.

    Our dog escaped and ran over and started to have a go at this guy's dog. We rna straight over and the kids grabbe dhim within 1 minute of his escaping - the old bloke (70s) was kicking out at our dog to get him away form hi (fiar enough I would do the same) however, once the kids had hold of the dog and it was a couple of feet away from hi (we were in fast pursuit behind but they run quicker!) he turned around and booted him one in the ribs.

    We tried to apologise as we were really upset about it - (he is fine with other dogs when on the lead but off the lead he can take an instant dislike to some dogs for no apparent reason- usually just growls at them - but we NEVER risk it so he stays on the lead) but he just started shouting abuse - we actually said we are so sorry he is on the elad it was an accident and we are genuinely upset about it can we check your dog is Ok and he just carried on screaming abuse and then stood in his drive for 15 minutes until we had left.

    I can completely understand him being upset - but I am so upset that he wqas so absuive to the kids over a genuine accidnet especially after he had waited and then kicked our dog really hard in the ribs.
  18. impis

    impis New commenter

    Levi - that's horrible - to have your dog booted like that, after you kids had regained control. I'd be absolutely furious if anyone did that to my dog - he's like a child and no-one but NO ONE is allowed to misuse my dog!

    He is obviously a ******. [dont' know if the forum police blank that out]

    Next time you see him with his dog off lead, go over and remind him of the law. And tell him next time you see the dog off lead, you'll report him.
  19. impis

    impis New commenter

    Errr - sorry, I forgot to mention that it was bad to abuse your kids too.

  20. Just a couple of things!

    MD - OH HAS cleared all our books away into boxes and i can't find my 'Training Lab' book - when i do come acroos it i will let you know and you can pick my brains! (also - very good responses RE: SS! excellent!)

    My Puppy is loving picking the kitten pooh out of the litter tray! loverly! i'm following him round house with scoop!

    Subsiquentley (or however you spell it) he has JUST thrown up!


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