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The Doggy Thread

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Mangleworzle, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. i think i would agree with you about my Lab with brains! he certainly knows what he's doing half the time!

  2. it might just be settling in anxiety - how old is he and how long have you had?

    My lab pup cried when i was in another room - he's fine now - fast asleep downstairs - but he does follow me EVERYWHERE!
  3. I can sympathise with you there! My dog is fine when we go to work, but heaven forbid one of us goes to the car to get something or, gasp, closes the loo door. We have fretting, crying, yipping and pacing. No idea. We call him the 'velcro puppy'.
  4. i have a REALLY good book on labs - i'll try and root it out and see what it says about anxiety whilst owners are in the house.

    I'll post laters. x
  5. It's a good job I love him to bits as he managed to express his anal glands on the bed again last night (second time in 2 years). Bless. If you've ever had anal gland dealings you'll understand the whiff. Follows on from the big, grassy, luminous yellow hurl done on the bed a few weeks ago. Always on OHs side of the bed, but guess who clears it up?
  6. ha ha! classic!

    WELL! OH has hada tidy up and you'd think i could find books couldn't you? But oh no! it will need more searching i'm afraid!

    till then! x
  7. Rai


    We've had our Golden Retriever puppy 3 weeks, he's gorgeous and the source of much amusement. He's been out for his 1st walk today, we were so excited we went out at 6.15 am. I'm sure it will wear off, but he's been sleeping all morning so I've actually managed to get stuff done without 'help'.
  8. Miss D - mine is the same 12 months old Patterdale Terrier Cross Jack Russell Parsons

    If we go out nad he goe sin his kennel he is quite happy. If all 4 of us are in and one goes in the garden he cries for them and ignores the 3 that are left!

    At the moment he is asleep under my desk curled around my feet but if I go next door to the bathroom he will immediatley wake up and follow me.
  9. Mine is upstairs whistling outside the loo as OH is in there. He'd be in with him is at allowed!
  10. impis

    impis New commenter

    What I want to know is this:

    How come that in the house, they can't leave your side. They stay as close to you as they can get - even escorting you to the loo as and when the need arises. Mine likes to come into the bathroom when I have a bath, and tries to eat the bubbles....

    Anyhow - the point is, at home, you are the focus of their world. Something awful will happen if you are out of their sight...

    and yet...........

    ....take them to the park and they promptly forget they have an owner. In fact, try calling them back when there's other dogs/people/little kids to play with, and you're lucky if they glance in your direction [with an irritated look on their faces!]

    Referring to the stair gate - we used to use one of those in a doorway. Its the kind with a hinged bit in the middle, so you can swing it open and you can get through it. To open it, you have to raise a lever at the top, then push. Ben learned how to open the gate. - sooooo - I thought to myself 'he's learned that you have to lift and push. I'll turn the gate around and he wont be able to do it anymore' It took all of 10 minutes for him to learn to lift and PULL!

    I have a video clip of him opening our back gate. I'll see if I can find it, and I'll upload to photobucket or youtube and you can see it.
  11. Good point impis!

    Mine is on an extendable lead - don't trust him to come back adn we had one dodgy incident with a fluffywhite poodle that he took a dislike to.

    My boys were very excited today as our doggy had his first ever swim in the lake on our lcoal park - he has since had a bath as he was a very stinky dog.

    He only jumped in 'cos he was chasing the ducks!
  12. impis

    impis New commenter

    My dog swims like a brick.

    First time in the water, he just leapt in after his mate, who was a golden retriever/sealion cross. He disappeared and didnt' come up for ages.

    Boxers are just not built for floating. He can swim, but its really hard work to keep his head above water. I think his short coat doesn't help [no air trapped] and being muscular, he's fairly solid - not at all buoyant.
  13. only one of my boxers will venture into swimming depth water and when she does, she really does - many atime my other half has stripped down to his boxers ready to go and retrieve her because she's half way across a lake going after her tennis ball!

    the other three fruitloops all stand in the shallow bit, dribbling and panting awaiting her return, when she finally gets a few feet from them they all pounce on her like they've surprised her by jumping out of nowhere!! errrr duhhhh she's not blind!
  14. impis

    impis New commenter

    I'm annoyed - I cannot find that video clip.

    I'll try to film another tomorrow. Problem is, I need someone else to do the filming - as it is to follow me that he opens the gate. We have to be sneaky too - if he knows he's being filmed he just looks through the gate instead of opening it.
  15. Ha ha!! We call our cocker "Seal boy". He's totally black, so in the water he really looks like a seal (well, except the ears). He was entertaining people yesterday, by launching off the bank into the canal to retrieve his stick. Then he embarrassed us by trying to bite a dog that tried to steal his stick.
  16. AHHH!! My doggy is curled up next to me on the sofa sleeping and he just started wagging his tail - in his sleep!! So cute!! Wonder what he was dreaming about.......
  17. My dog can distinguish both mine and OH's car engine from afar. He knows when one of us is approaching the house. I know OH is on his way home because the dog squeals and whinnies and jumps at the window. Sure enough, car pulls into drive 10 seconds later!
  18. impis

    impis New commenter

    My mom's friend had a cocker spaniel years ago. She was a lovely friendly dog, would come over for fuss, but would then snap for no apparent reason.

    This behaviour got increasingly worse. A trip to the vets - and they discovered that there is a line of spaniels which which have a fault in them. An unscrupulous breeder [in Bromsgrove, West Mids, I believe] continued to breed from his agressive dogs because in all other respects, the dogs were perfect examples of the breed. To this day, there are dogs showing this fault - it kind of makes them 'schitzophrenic'.

    Sadly, Mom's friend had to have her dog put to sleep.

    I'm pretty sure this fault is particularly prevelant in the black dogs. This was a black dog.

    In any case, there is some excellent cocker advice on this site:

  19. sounds like he is confused about his place in the pack, you need to re-establish who is dominant, you that is!, tighten up on everything, make him wait for food, make sure you go through doors first, keep him physically lower than you ie no setees etc
  20. impis

    impis New commenter

    Wierd - on this site, it suggests that giving prozac will help. [flurohexiwhatsit]


    I hope you dog isn't developing rage syndrome, - but if he is, then at least you know that there has been a dog treated successfully with prozac.

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