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The Doggy Thread

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Mangleworzle, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. Come on, Wordy, what else did you expect on this thread?
  2. wordsworth

    wordsworth Senior commenter

    i misread the title! i thought it would be full of dodgy details about.....sort of dodgy stuff. anyways, as you were, folks.

    actually i prefer cats
  3. Thanks Miss D Meaner, he is fine on the bottom floor as the kitchen leads to the garden so often leave the doors open, maybe I should think about a stairgate and restrict him going to the third floor. Then again I could just move house!
  4. does the lab chase the item at all miss D?
  5. ok a couple of ideas which might work

    stuff a kong, attach the lab to a long line or a piece of rope, throw the kong just a few feet away, let him chase it and pick it up, then give a tug onthe line to encourage him back to you, if you plug the end of the kong so he can't get to the food, then when he gets back to you you can either reward himwith something else, or just unplug the kong. when he's reliable at a few feet, extend.

    another idea, make a normal ball really smelly, rub cheese on it or meat or something he likes. throw the ball, if he chases it, fine and then try and encourage him to bring it back by showing him food and making a bit of an idiot of yourself, or shaking a tub of treats, or alternatively, if you can chase the ball with him if he's not inclined to go after it when you get there, encourage himto pick it up and then treat him for doing it.

  6. that's hopefully where the long line or rope will help, it'll encourage him to come back to you with it,i doubt he'll want to leave it behind.

    some dogs just don't like to retrieve, 3 of mine haven't got a clue and they just can't see the point, the other one on the other hand, will retrieve for hours on end,she's obsessed with balls and toys and will happily sit and watch them on top of a book case all night if necessary!
  7. Hi guys
    I have a 1 year old Sharpei (the wrinkly things!) He's brilliant in every way but is terrible at travelling. I have only had him 5 months as a friend of a friend didnt have time for him. Every time I put him in the car he is sick or wees himself, I know its nerves rather than naughtiness as I can see him physically shaking. Poor thing.

    Have tried not feeding him for hours before I go anywhere and have tried taking him on short journeys to boost his confidence but nothing seems to work, if he has a really good journey one time, the next he has a bad one with nothing that I can see being any different.

    Has anyone got any ideas as to what I can do to make him feel better in the car?

  8. Mangleworzle

    Mangleworzle Star commenter

    Where does he sit? Are you on your own in the car? Ours was similar, but then I put her in the passenger seat and put my hand on her as much as I could while driving, calmed her down - after she stopped trying to sit on my lap! It was ok with someone with her too in the back. Now she sits up and looks out of the window quite happily.
  9. He sits on a duvet in the boot behind a dog guard. Tried him on various seats but seems more secure in boot as he refuses to sit down an so has somethin to rest against witht he back of the back seats?!
  10. Mangleworzle

    Mangleworzle Star commenter

    Try the duvet on the passenger seat, he will sit down when he settles, it takes time, just do short-slow trips first, preferably to places that are fun and new and he can run around a lot. Our dog loves going in the car now as she knows it will be somewhere different and fun.
  11. Will try it. Worst bit is he drools loads due to being nervous and I end up covered in it - lol! Good job Ive got a sense of humour - not sure what o/h will say to having to sit in the back of the car lol!

    Thanks worzle :)
  12. elisa1

    elisa1 New commenter

    I love my dogs both Westies. I have a puppy and a pensioner.
    Was so upset at the weekend as my pensioner Westie has heart failure and is currently on loads of tablets, but hes ok and happy. I just know that he won't be here forever and I can't imagine life without him. No one will ever love me as much as he does he lives to please me.
    Hamish my westie pup is 7 months old and is a menace. Far too clever for his own good!!!
  13. velmakelly, you need to get your dog into the boot, leave the boot open, sit with himfora few minutes and reward him with some nice treats for sitting there or standingthere but get him out before he is sick or pees. Build up this time slowly and don't start closing the door until he'll happily sit there for at least 10 minutes. Once you can close the boot for a goodfew minutes, then work on being able to wakl around to the front and get in and sit down before going back and letting him out and rewarding him. Eventually you can start the engine and just sit for a fewminutes, then drive just down the road and back, roundthe block and eventually a normal drive.
    You must ensure that you always watch to make sure you stop and reward before he's upset and hopefully he'll associate the rewards with being in the car.

    I wouldn't keep stroking him and stuff if he's shaking because it's actually reassuring him that it's right to be worried, just be as matter of fact as possible, stay as calmas you can and he'll draw that confidencefrom you.

    Good luck
  14. I had to take my boy to the vet today. He has conjunctivitis. £46 for a consultation, examination and some drops?! Eek.

    On the lighter side, she put dye in his eyes, which went in orange but turned flourescent green. He now has flourescent green dribble coming out of his nose and looks like an old Dr Who monster!
  15. koloko, make sure you take a picture to show his future doggy girlfriends!
  16. I doubt there'll be many of them. There's another trip t the vet planned soon :(
  17. My wee dog is now sitting down and raising her 2 fron paws in the air when she wants picked up

    Seriously! She is such a Madam :)
  18. Mangleworzle

    Mangleworzle Star commenter

    Well done Miss D! The only not great thing about having a terrier is that she doesn't understand the concept of "fetch" at all. The closest she comes is when apples fall prematurely off the tree, especially the little hard ones in July. We go out into the garden, I throw them up and hit them down the garden with a stick, she chases after them, but it seems to be more "see them off the premises" as she then comes back for the next one.

    In reply to the vet story earlier on, she had problems with her - ahem - bottom end, some years ago. I diagnosed an itchy ****, but Mrs. M insisted I take her to the vet. Said vet performed an investigation part of which consisted of holding her in place at the front while pushing a finger up her bum (how I managed not to howl with laughter at her expression I'll never know - ohh the ignominity of it!). After this he diagnosed what I translated as being "an itchy ****" still, I happily paid £40 to have my guess verified.
  19. What a wonderful thread!

    Miss D - I also have a Black Lab Pup 9 months called 'Xander' and i haven't stopped being amazed since we got him.

    Just a few of the funnies:
    1) He wasn't too sturck on his dry complete food but i persisted as i was once told that if you change a doggies food too often - they become fussy eaters?!? Well - Xander got the better of me one day. I poured out his yummy yummy food into his bowl - he sniffed it - looked at me - turned away from his bowl, lowered his **** and curled one out! RIGHT INTO HIS FOOD BOWL!

    I have since changed his food - and he now eats like an angel - apart form insisting to take one piece of food - run intot he hall way and eat it there! then go back for one more piece etc etc!

    2) He is still getting his co-ordination and balamnce at the moment though. We went to the field yesterday with his favouite ball (and for the sake of me - a ball flicker!) and we were both there, happily as larry. Me flicking - Him chasing and bringing back. He gets so out of breath but doesn't give up!
    Well it all became to much for him in the end - the final 'FLICK' had is pelting towards it - eyes working faster then his brain - his poor little (Little being an understatemnt - Legs like a supermodel!) legs became all entwined and like a stunt man - botom in the air - head tucked under - and the whole thing looked like a Ferris Wheel! the look on his little face! it was almost embarressment!

    We rescued him from a sancturary when he was 9 weeks old. I couldn't even think about our house without him! Will be getting anotherone as soom as Civil Partner lets me! (but i guess he can't do anything about it if i go to the rescue centre on my own though!)

    Hmmmm - a see a plan in the making!

  20. LOL It starts with one doggy and then you get it a friend and then you see another pair of cute eyes one day!! I would not be without ours, they make me take time out to the park every night for an hour and actually get away from school work and we all get fresh air and exercise! Unless its pouring down and then one of hides in the car with little one and the other braves the rain!

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