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The Doggy Thread

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Mangleworzle, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. Crate training I agree. Also reward her every time she poops/pees outside.
  2. Kas - we've got a crate. She's in it at night - and wees every night, so have to wash blankets every day! What do you mean by "crate training"?
  3. sorry, had to cut that one short cos my 1yr old is throwing all our dvds over the dogs!

    annapops, if your pup is on dried food try cutting the amount down, even if it's less than recommended - remember the amounts on the packet are to help them sell more! There are a huge amount of bugs going round since the horrendous downpours a few weeks back so the smell could be that - mine all had the squits for a ocuple of days last week, lovely

    Crate training will help stop pooingand weeing while you're out and make sure you clean up with one of the things that completely get rid of the odour.
  4. My pooch is a sock maniac too. (As in the things that go on your feet - not sock puppets)

    He's a Patterdale Cross Jack Russell Parsons and PERY cute - often have people trying to doggynap him.
  5. if the crate is too big they won't treat it as a den and so will pee in it regardless. she's still quite young so you might need to get up during the night once until she properly gets the hang of it. One way to crate train is to put the pup in for a while when you're in, then after a while (perhaps half an hour) let them out take them straight outside, take some treats/food with you as this can stimulate them to go to the toilet, feed a few bits andjust wait till they go. when they do, reward them with some treats and agame, to start with you might not want to go in until they've been. there should literally only be enough room inthe crate for the pup to lieout flat, stand up and turn around,you might need to buy a crate divider to allow you to section off a part. dogs don't tend to pee in their beds unless there's too much room and they can move to another part of their den
  6. Thanks Kaz - I'll try cutting down on the food and see if that helps Don't know what's the matter with her - our last boxer didn't take this long to train. She's lovely in every other way but this is really getting me down.
  7. Thanks Kas - I'll try cutting down on the food and see if that helps Don't know what's the matter with her - our last boxer didn't take this long to train. She's lovely in every other way but this is really getting me down.
  8. remember she's reaching maturity too so she'll start pushing buttons and asserting herself, if she thinks she should be in charge of the household she'll mark her territory a bit like males do, females are just as bad!
  9. ooops didn't mean maturity, meant adolescence!
  10. Anna I am no expert but with mine I physically took him outside and put voice commands to his going for a wee and poo and rewarded him when he did it outside so he associated it with being treated.

    He also has a reasonable routine as to how long after feeding he needs to go so we took him out lots of times then rather than let him ask until he got into the habit.

    I know you siad the door was open but I would literally tkae her out if she is choosing not to go out herself.
  11. Thanks for the advice Kas and leviosa. I'll try it - in fact,I'll try anything. Was actually gagging cleaning up the last mess - yeuch! I really thought I'd get it cracked over the holidays but don't seem to have done at all! I don't THINK the cage is too big - she' got room to lie at full stretch & turn around but that's about it. Perhaps I'm not taking her out often enough - relying on her "telling" me she needs to go. I'll try taking her out more often - and I'll set my alarm to get up during the night too, although I can't do this during school time as I'm too knackered then. Still, got two weeks .... Will also stock up on treats, although I have tried this but she doesn't seem to "get" why she's being given them! If she wasn't so gorgeous I'd get rid of her! (Not really - the family wouldn't allow it!)
  12. I give mine cheese as a trea the adores it.

    I never set my alarm I just left a pupppy pad down at night which to be honest he rarely used.

    He seemed to go through a phase of pooing indoors a lot and then grew out of it with maturity adn support.

    That said the little ratbag did a sneaky poo indoors with mr lev dn I BOTH in the room the other day and he NEVER asked to go out grrrrrrrrrr

    Was a one off though. Yesterday we were out shopping and he asked to be taken downa back alley to poop rather than do it in the street!
  13. Mine doesn't seem to ask to go out. Any tips on how to get him to let me know he wants to poop?
  14. Hello Firefox21 - I can't imagine being without dogs, but it does cost us! We both work full-time, and for years our old dogs stayed happily by themselves for the day. Now we have a new addition - a hyperactive greyhound, and he couldn't manage being left. So, we take them out for half an hour before work, and then again in the evenings. We pay £6.75 a day for a doggy walker to take them out during the day. They have a good long walk, then a bit of play in the garden and things like water checked (I know 'cos I've got a very interested neighbour!) When we go on holiday, or just off for the day, the d.g. visits up to 3 times a day - and also sees to chickens, garden etc. It's brill, but gets expensive, especially as my daughter's dogs are now coming to stay long-term....
  15. wordsworth

    wordsworth Senior commenter

    aaww! i thought this said the 'dodgy' thread
  16. Hello Wordy. How the hell are you?
  17. wordsworth

    wordsworth Senior commenter

    i'm not so bad mate! How's you?
  18. I'm good, thanks.

    Puppy sends tail-wags and licks.
  19. wordsworth

    wordsworth Senior commenter

    yuk yuk!! *wordy retreats followed by large smelly panting thing*
  20. The problem we have Miss D Meaner is that we have a three storey house and when his sniffing around upstairs I can't always whisk him, unless I chuck him out the window ! (Joking)

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