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The ‘destiny’ of Functions -A level maths

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by Voltamaths, Jun 16, 2020.

  1. Voltamaths

    Voltamaths New commenter

    Not all mappings are functions,
    Not all functions, one-one.
    Puppets controlled by Domain and Range,
    How on their threads, hang the fate of Functions

    I have just finished a set of 10 videos on the topic ‘Functions’ by following the new A level maths specification very closely. While primarily aimed at learners, it might make for a lesson plan for teachers of A level maths. Here is the first of the videos. I would love to hear from you about any suggestions or feedback.

  2. gainly

    gainly Star commenter

    For y = 2x + 3 you have x=-3, y=3
  3. Voltamaths

    Voltamaths New commenter

    Thank you! Most grateful to you for pointing it out. I have just added a card to the video to point out the correction.

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