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The delicate subject of money.....

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by Typhoon, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. Typhoon

    Typhoon New commenter

    I sympathise and can relate to this issue and would also welcome any suggestions! Similarly, I have one pupil who I see for 5 hours per week - he is home educated - which works out at quite large part of my weekly income. Initially, his parents paid me by cheque on a monthly basis. However, after issues with cheques bouncing, they have decided to pay me in cash on a weekly basis. This is fine - except that I never know exactly when I am going to get the cash! Sometimes the lad brings it to one of his lessons, and I have even had payment for the next week too in advance in the envelope. But most of the time, a week will go by without me being paid. The tutee might bring two lots of payment along the next week, or sometimes an envelope will drop through the letter box with the over-due amount and / or payment up-front for the next week at a random time of the day or night when his dad passes by on his way to or from work! I have a good relationship with the family, but I do find it a bit frustrating that I never know quite when to expect the money which makes financial planning a bit difficult! I also know that they are very busy people so it's perfectly feasible that they just might not always have time to get to a cash machine to withdraw the cash, so I don't want to seem unreasonable by making a fuss, especially as they do always pay what they owe eventually but admittedly, I'd prefer a more regular system for being paid!
    With other tutees, I have quite often had parents 'forgetting' to bring cash or 'losing' their purses and cash-cards 'not working' and have agreed they can pop the money round later. Usually they do, but on occasions I have found myself having to text a reminder - which I don't feel I should really have to do - or they have just paid double at the next lesson. However, I'm not sure there are any shops / other services where such an arrangement, in such a casual manner, would be acceptable! I quite like dc88's system of always being a week in advance and now considering doing something similar for any new tutees I take on.
  2. How do you manage that!

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