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The deed is done!

Discussion in 'Retirement' started by anon1269, Mar 2, 2012.

  1. I think the TPS likes at least 6 weeks. I suspect if you apply 6 months in advance *** all happens until about a fortnight before the date. One of the least exclusive clubs is the 60% club. You are parked on there for months.
  2. Yes I was told at least six weeks from when the forms were signed.
  3. They do say that as August 31st is a very popular date to retire to get your application in as soon as possible.
  4. The earliest anyone can apply is the day after their 54th birthday.
  5. I applied for ARB by completing the online form about a month ago. I've not had any acknowledgement from the Teachers Pensions organisation. Should I have heard back by now? Is it worth trying to phone them or is this a waste of time?
  6. Hi Double Helix
    I did mine a couple of weeks ago and rang them because it does not appear on the online tracking section. They told me that they had sent the forms to the LA and were waiting for them to return them. They said about 3-4 weeks to me. TP are pretty helpful so a call would not do any harm in your case.

  7. Thanks - useful information. I'll phone them.
  8. Just written my letter of resignation and have completed the online ARB form!!!!! Been teaching since 1980, with just a couple of 9 month maternity leaves off. It feels weird to think that I won't be doing it any more, and I will miss the interactions with funny, surprising and amazing kids and great colleagues, but OMG I can't take the nitpicking, punitive, box-ticking, critical, micro-managed stressful system that Education has become in our schools. Freedom beckons, and a socking great holiday in SEPTEMBER!!! At CHEAPER PRICES!!! Yeehah!!
  9. Well done Jemmy! It's a great feeling [​IMG]

  10. hi - can I ask why are the forms sent to the LA? The only reason I ask is a friend has completed her forms to retire in the summer but hasn't handed in her notice yet and the head is not aware.
  11. HI
    I think it is because the LA hold the salary and service data that is needed to process the application. In my wage packet the LA is identified as my employer.
  12. Hi
    I think it is because the LA hold the salary and service data. In my wage packet my LA is identified as my employer.

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