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'The Crucible'- AQA Section A Practice Questions

Discussion in 'English' started by Sedgers, May 16, 2012.

  1. Sedgers

    Sedgers New commenter

    I've got a list of questions from the old and the new specs which I've used with my group - if you want to email me then I'll send you a copy of both.
  2. koneil

    koneil New commenter

    Did anyone else teaching The Crucible feel that today's higher question on Giles Corey and Foundation question on Mary Warren was pretty rubbish? Why does it seem that they are avoiding asking about central characters that students feel confident about and have an opinion on? The sample questions focussed on these main characters. As a teacher I would have struggled to get 30 marks writing about Giles Corey
  3. Agreed. It seems particularly unfair when you look at how easy some of the other questions for other texts appeared to be (e.g. a question on Inspector Goole in AIC). It feels a bit like we have been penalised for teaching what might be regarded as a more challenging text.

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