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The CRB checks

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by growlywench, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. All it means is that the school has some comeback against the agency - when agencies do CRBs, they get back slightly different information (I'm told), further to what is printed on the copy of the certificate we get. In the office where I'm working at the moment, we are told we can't accept a copy that a candidate shows us, but have to phone up the person through which they got the CRB to check!
  2. Who told you that a school cannot accept a teacher's copy of the CRB certificate? Surely there is nothing stopping a school from phoning the CRB office and quoting the certificate number to find out if there is anything they should know?
  3. <font size="2">Hazel, To accept a CRB issued by another issuing body the school would need to do what&rsquo;s called a portability, this is basically asking the issuing body to sign a form to say that no additional information was sent to the issuer that is not disclosed on the candidates CRB. </font> I hope this makes sense.

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