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The cost of finding supply work

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by albertdog, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. It seems that even being out of work is very expensive. I have just been totting up the cost of signing on with agencies, and the found the conclusion quite staggering. Each agency wants a CRB, so , for me, since last year, that works out at over £680.
    Just recently, as I thought I would never get any work, the telphone has started to ring in the morning. However, I am told that the school will require me to take with me two pieces of photo ID, a CV and a CRB less than 3 months old; and all this for CS job, too.
  2. Now if all qualified and registered supply teachers were employed by the LEA...[​IMG]?
    Read, post and vote on the 38 DEGREES website to get the issue of using unqualified people as cover "teachers" out in the public domain:

  3. I do sympathise - but why take a punt on loads of agencies, at £30+ per CRB, with no cast-iron guarantee of work? It's such a blatant con! I've got other things to spend my money on. So, I prefer to work directly for a school as a CS (I'm a teacher, but hey 'If you can't beat them...') in the frequent absence of supply work.
    Oh, and I recently managed to find an agency that was OK with a previous CRB so long as it was less than 12 months old - how rare is that?
  4. I have tried aspproaching schools directly. I have mail-shotted every secondary and SEN school within twenty miles of me, so that is half of London nearly. Only two replied, and those were negative.

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