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The closing ceremony

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by dozymare1957, Sep 9, 2012.

  1. gargs

    gargs Star commenter

    really? i thought they were good - nice to see them speading out a bit. I liked the flag projected onto the building at the end - though I wasn't paying attention and almost missed it!
  2. gargs

    gargs Star commenter

    right, better pack my stuff for tomorrow and go to bed
    nite all
  3. dozymare1957

    dozymare1957 Occasional commenter

    Mine wouldn't let me make their packed lunches once they hit about nine. They told me what they wanted me to buy and made their own lunches. They always chose water to drink but refused to take anything in sandwiches except jam or Marmite as everything else made the bread soggy they said. Youngest took a packet of crisps, an apple and a bottle of water for the last two years. He didn't eat breakfast either. It worried me so much but he couldn't take anything else because it would make him throw up if he ate too much when he was out.
  4. dozymare1957

    dozymare1957 Occasional commenter

    I like the flag too.
    Night night, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite.
    Have fun tomorrow.
    I'm off to the sofa thread
  5. Night all, I enjoyed watching the ceremony(Superman2) with you all !
  6. dozymare1957

    dozymare1957 Occasional commenter

    LOL Yogs.
    You off to bed now?
    Night Night. Sleep well. Have fun tomorrow
  7. Night Dozy- OH is now watching Superman 3, unbelievable! I am all superheroed out.
  8. dozymare1957

    dozymare1957 Occasional commenter

    I should go to bed!

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