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The circle song has gone!!! :(

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by Badger1974, Mar 29, 2019.

  1. Badger1974

    Badger1974 New commenter

    The version of it that I used religiously to instruct / infuriate students has been pulled from youtube.

    There are other versions around including the original but visually they are not as good - the version with the cute animation was by far the clearest in terms of showing the circle parts and the funniest (screenshot attached).

    If anyone knows of an existing version of it out there then please let me know as it was the highlight of teaching circles...


    Attached Files:

  2. munkster

    munkster New commenter

    This looks to be what has replaced the one you refer to...

    ...by the song's actual author by the looks of it?

    Sadly this one doesn't then follow on with this one like the old one always seemed to...

    Thank goodness for search functions :)
  3. Badger1974

    Badger1974 New commenter

    Yes, that’s the original but it’s just not as good visually as the video he’s got copyright beef with. Sadly it will have to do from now on
  4. munkster

    munkster New commenter

    Ah, sorry. Well, I guess as the copyright holder he's got every right to have that beef - I'm obviously not a connoisseur of the circle song variants, his looked about the same but I don't use it that much (probably because our pupils seem to know it off by heart anyway, hehe).

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