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The Chronically Offended

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Vince_Ulam, Sep 20, 2018.

  1. Doitforfree

    Doitforfree Star commenter

    There was a letter in the paper yesterday from someone accused of being racist for used the word 'niggardly' by a person who was an ignorant idiot. Even when the etymology of the word was explained to him he refused to back down and insisted the man was a racist anyway. It's so depressing.
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  2. Aquamarina1234

    Aquamarina1234 Star commenter

    Oh go on then. Explain it to me. Explain why using a Native American woman with a limp and no money would have made the point better.
    I suspect you'd have taken offence on her behalf at the implication she has a drink problem.
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  3. CeciledeVolanges

    CeciledeVolanges New commenter

    Why does it have to be a white heterosexual male, , as usual. Other types of people do exist. ... on the margin of white male consciousness .
  4. Vince_Ulam

    Vince_Ulam Star commenter

    It is a popular stupidity: Controversies about the word "niggardly"
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  5. Sir_Henry

    Sir_Henry Occasional commenter

    Well I got a good telling off for the last one on that list.
  6. Vince_Ulam

    Vince_Ulam Star commenter

    I could not find this Leonardo DiCaprio meme in black. You would not believe how hard I looked.
  7. sparkleghirl

    sparkleghirl Star commenter

    That's a story in itself.
  8. Vince_Ulam

    Vince_Ulam Star commenter

    It felt like an Odyssey that was never going to reach an end.
  9. Aquamarina1234

    Aquamarina1234 Star commenter

    Odyssey. Full of white men.
    cassandramark2 likes this.
  10. Vince_Ulam

    Vince_Ulam Star commenter

    Difficult to say. Thought to originate in Turkey. At the risk of being told off for dead-naming a land, Ionia.
  11. Scintillant

    Scintillant Star commenter

    The context of that comment is not what people who post it think it is.
  12. foroff2233

    foroff2233 New commenter

    I keep wondering, as a linguist, whether talking 'in foreign' is egregious cultural appropriation. Think I should stop it forthwith...... The shame of it all.
  13. JosieWhitehead

    JosieWhitehead Star commenter

    There is one other thing to consider: When you write a comment (and even if you were joking slightly), the reader doesn't necessarily take it as a joke. When you speak to someone face to face, they can see instantly when you are joking.
  14. kibosh

    kibosh Star commenter


    No they can't, not always, and it's precisely this transmitter/receiver issue that can cause so many problems between people.
    Sir_Henry likes this.
  15. Aquamarina1234

    Aquamarina1234 Star commenter

    Knowing the person is joking doesn't prevent offence being taken. Ask anyone who's never seen Bernard Manning.
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  16. CeciledeVolanges

    CeciledeVolanges New commenter

    Only if you make certain cultural assumptions. It is not unilaterally true or in a multi-cultural society,
  17. artboyusa

    artboyusa Star commenter

    That makes me feel bad. Why don't you care about my feelings? Why why why?
    [This comment/section has been removed for breaching our Community Guidelines/Terms and conditions]
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 20, 2018
    Vince_Ulam likes this.
  18. artboyusa

    artboyusa Star commenter

    You know its an image of an actor in a movie, right?
  19. Mrsmumbles

    Mrsmumbles Star commenter

    Ooooh...racialist! Sexualist! wealthist!
  20. Vince_Ulam

    Vince_Ulam Star commenter


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