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The chronic procrastination thread

Discussion in 'Personal' started by gargoyle770, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. 1 and 2 done! 3 hasn't been done, but that's not my fault have been begging and begging my flatmate but she's still useless!
    Done 10hrs work on behalf of my university today (showing yr12s round, taking workshops, generally entertaining them) so bl00dy tired now. Think I'm going to have a weekend off, and come back on Monday with a new list.
    Well done Angie. Hope you're better soon Annie. Any news from AE?

  2. Ok... its the weekend
    Have to do marking for all year levels... have brought a pile of stuff home......
    I intend to do this tomorrow, as well as various household tasks....
    Is anyone else still around?!
  3. I am but I still have yet to complete many of the things on my many lists - perhaps the Easter holiday will be the time to get up to date....
  4. I'm still around, been lurking on the forums recently due to having a large amount of coursework to get on with and being back at home with the parents for easter vacation.
    It's all in now though, having a day of today as my aunt goes back to Australia tomorrow and I may not see her til next summer so I'm partying with her [​IMG]
    Tomorrow, I'll sort out my ex's stuff so he'll finally get off my back. That's a whole days job in itself.
  5. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    Sooooo much work to do... can't be bothered to even roll off the sofa to do any of it. Can't even be bothered to look online for ideas... urghghghgh.
  6. Come on Lilli, break it down into managable chunks, do one thng at a time. You'll feel better.
  7. I know exactly how you feel... i spent today (my day off) in bed, in complete denial.. Well, in complete denial some of the time, and in tears the rest of the time.... I feel as if I'm heading for total meltdown...
    I want to run away and hide

    Hope you're feeling better x
  8. No no no no no! We don't accept that kind of language here, get some work done and you'll feel better, both of you!

  9. I am having a "doing nothing day". Totally unplanned. Working well so far. DVD and cheese and onion pasty followed by 4pack of crunchies so no cooking involved !
    Was going to paint but it's too cold. I am knitting so that's ok. Busy enough for me [​IMG]
    Take a break all of you .... recharge your batteries.
  10. Sounds like my kind of day! Found out today that I did not get the job I went for last week, so feeling very sorry for myself. I must start making some short lists of achievable targets and try and get some things done before the weekend so that I feel like I have made a start. Also, we have guests next weekend, so I need to be completely ready for school on the Monday by the end of Friday so that I can enjoy the weekend.
    Best wishes all - I'll be back later with a list.....
  11. That's a bummer, Shazgo. I hope something works out for you soon.

    My goal for the next few days, is just to feel better about life.. .today I read a book, went for a walk, and fed my cows

    That's a start....

    Hope everyone else is ok
  12. sparklepig2002

    sparklepig2002 Star commenter

    think about the good things Annie and focus on those-easy for me to say, I know .hope you feel better soon xx
  13. Victoria Plum

    Victoria Plum New commenter

    I had earmarked today to do planning, etc but I am failing miserably so far! Not even dressed yet, have messed around on the internet, tidied up a bit and am currently catching up on The Apprentice!! Serious procrastination going on here!!! I will regret it if I don't make a start!! (((HUG))) to everyone who needs one! xxx
  14. angiebabe

    angiebabe Occasional commenter

    (((Annie))) hope you are feeling a bit better today - try to stop focussing on the word 'procrastination' and just breath deeply to enjoy the air and savour the blessings around you.

  15. Thanks everyone...I think I've got a bad case of end of term burn-out.
    This is the start of my school holidays, so I'm deliberately not doing anything for the next few days.
    My goal is to exercise by walking the dog, read another book, and maybe do some pottering type housework... nothing too drastic!
    OH built a barbecue out of bricks, and we lit a fire last night... I managed to burn a bin liner full of papers that I'd been cleaning up in my study over the last few weeks..... felt very cleansing!
    Hope everyone else is good,
    Annie x

  16. Probably shouldn't moan at everyone, I've been lazy myself:
    Been staring at my Scheme of Work all day - I keep blaming the fact that my brother's off school, for some reason I can't work with him around. But if I don't get it done I can't go on placement after easter [​IMG] that's why I'm up at 2am trying to get it finished.
    Also ought to go to the vets and get the cats flea and worming stuff as the little black one's been scratching like mad since yesterday. No excuse really as it's only opposite the house!

  17. Ahh.. you've not been moaning bellacute.. you've just been encouraging us!
    Hope you get your SOS done......
    I'm feeling a bit better....
    I was going to have an easy day, but somehow ended up
    Collecting two wheel barrows ful of cow poo.....
    Cleared a substantial amount of long dead grassy stuff from the cow paddock
    Took the dog for an hour long walk... (it was more of a stroll really....)
    Went shopping, and for some bizarre reason, bought all the ingredients i needed for sushi.. AND I made it for lunch!
    Stiff and sore... but feeliing somewhat achieved...
    And REFUSING to think about work related stuff for another two days.
    Hope everyone else is doing well! x
  18. Oh.... I need to start thinking about school work now... but have been stuffing around all morning... In a bit of a panic, and can't think where to start logically.... Some of the stuff seems too hard.. like re-writing units for next term..... actually it all seems too hard!

    Anyone else faring any better?
  19. angiebabe

    angiebabe Occasional commenter

    Oh I do feel for you Annie. Thankfully, I no longer have the worry of school work. I bet you will want to do all the easy stuff first and continue worrying about the hard stuff?
    My only suggestion is to get the bag out and go through it. Make a list of what has to be done (more delaying tactics) and then prioritise - at least then you will have done something[​IMG]
    Sorry I can't be more helpful but just think how pleased with yourself you will feel once you get this stuff done and how you will feel on top of everything when you return to school (well for a short while anyway).
    Good luck.
    Oh and plan little treats on the accomplishment of each 'job' - same tactics as you would use with the kids.
  20. Thanks angiebabe....
    I managed to
    tidy my study
    made a (scarily long)list....
    e-mailed a colleague
    did a food shop....
    Niece is coming tomorrow... so will get nothing done..
    Am going to go into school on Friday, and get my classroom organized....
    Reward is going out to see a movie on Friday night [​IMG]

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