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The chronic procrastination thread

Discussion in 'Personal' started by gargoyle770, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. Bedroom is tidy - just in time, as I have a friend staying over this evening. Really pleased as I actually managed to sort all my old things out and throw things away that I no longer need.
    I'm about to go food shopping as I pick my friend up from the station.
    So my list to complete by Tuesday:-
    1. Complete the seminar tasks for the last few weeks from my least favourite module - still haven't done this, think I've been putting it off
    2. List and report all the maintence jobs for bedroom
    3. Send email to Personal Tutor about change of circumstances which could affect placement.
    Well done Annie and Angie for working so hard, I feel bad for slacking!
  2. angiebabe

    angiebabe Occasional commenter

    Not had such a great day today.
    Got up early to phone docs for appointment about knee x-ray but by the time I got through there were no appointments left. They suggested ringing back at 11.45 to see if there were any cancellations for the evening surgery! I completely forgot as I had a hair appointment at 10, didn't get out until 11.30, walked back home thinking of the fact that I had no milk (had black tea for breakfast which is ok but was in need of a good cuppa by this time). Also had no money in purse to buy pint of milk from shop or give hairdresser a tip!!
    Anyway, was obsessed with going to tesco to get milk and bacon (fancied a bacon butty) and plan to make soup out of whatever was in the reduced veggie box. Got totally sidetracked, bought daughter a coat for £5 instead of £35 and 6 Easter Eggs cos they are buy 1 get 2 free!! Spent £50+ in total.
    Got home - delicious bacon butty for lunch, put washing out, bagged some rubbish in garden, wasted time on here, friend came for a coffee, tidied a little bit more of garden (make that tiny bit) and sat and watched masterchef. I'm knackered!!!
  3. You don't sound like you're slacking at all Bellacute, and Angiebabe...at least you got something done!

    Although I managed to get quite a bit done last week, it would have been a helluva lot quicker, if I hadn't interspersed my day with being on here, and playing on-line sudoku, so we all have good days and bad days......[​IMG]

    This is the start of my three day weekend, and I think I've made mental progress, in that a few weeks ago, the weekends just seemed like a massive to-do list, and I didn't even want to get out of bed. Today I feel quite hopeful that I can get a lot done. I haven't thrown up from stress this week, which is a major improvement!
    My priority for today, in addition to housework, is to complete these work folders from last year ONCE AND FOR ALL!

    Start this years folders, which means revising my units, and doing up assessment notification sheets

    And last, but not least, then go through my to-do lists and work out what else needs to be done.....

    Hang on in there, everyone...xxx
  4. Well I've been been putting off coming back on here to post about the things I've been putting off but I am still putting off making a list of them.
  5. [;D] We're here for you, when you get around to it.......
  6. Hello all!
    I have been lurking around, but not posted in a while. The last couple of weeks have been hectic, to say the least. However, I really need to get back on track and I need a virtual kick up the backside, so I thought I would post the next 3 things that I need to do in the hope of getting some motivation from somewhere....
    <ol>[*]Start year 11 reports. They don't need to be finished for a while, but if I can just get started...[*]File away personal paperwork, bank statements, insurance documents etc, which will require me to go through all of the current files to find them all and who knows, I might even put or throw away some other stuff while I'm at it.[*]Finally get rid of the paperwork that's been hanging around since the January exam marking session. </ol>I hope to come back tomorrow and tell you how I am getting on.
    Best wishes all
  7. Well done, Candlestick and Bellacute

    I still have not finished these awful work folders, but it's my day off tomorrow, so hopefully.....

    Need to also do planning for the following two days.......

    I hope I can come on tomorrow, and say that I'm nearly there!

    Good luck!
  8. angiebabe

    angiebabe Occasional commenter

    Followed bro to garage to leave s-i-l 's car for mot (fingers crossed)
    Picked up puppy (part-time job) with bro and dropped bro home
    Went to park with puppy and met lots of doggy friends
    Home now - going to clean donated scooter (from freecycle) for 3yr old great-niece arriving from Auz in 3wks
    Will take puppy for another walk before doing some tutoring this afternoon
    Home about 6.30 knackered!
  9. Sorry to hear that, Bellacute....I hope your dad is ok. x .
  10. Yeah he's fine, brother made it out to be worse than it was on the phone.
  11. marmot.morveux

    marmot.morveux New commenter

    This thread helped me clear out a spare room. :p
  12. Great!
  13. Glad he's ok.... [​IMG]
  14. I've made a massive inroad into work folders... still feel very stressed though, as list still seems never ending....
  15. angiebabe

    angiebabe Occasional commenter

    Short achievable lists are the way forward. [​IMG]
  16. [​IMG] Well done Marmot!
    I am hoping I'll feel inspired to get round to doing so many things that need doing here.
    You lot (thread regulars) sound like blinkin' powerhouses...you are doing loads and I am impressed. [​IMG]
    I shan't however tell you what I need to be getting on with...because if I procrastinate (if it were an Olympic sport I'd win the gold medal) I'll just feel guilty...and I don't need more guilt added to the guilt I already feel! [​IMG]
    'Tomorrow is another day....'

  17. That you'll procrastinate? Get it done now and you'll feel better.
    Done my assignment now I'm back at uni! Also managed to help my dad (who's broken his collar bone) fill out the accident forms for work before leaving this morning, been shopping for some new clothes for placement and stocked up my cupboard - chocolate, haribo and orange squash count as a balanced diet right?
    By Friday I want to:-
    1. Get birthday present for mum wrapped and sent home - forgot to take it home with me on Wednesday
    2. Clean ensuite before room inspections next week
    3. Sort out contracts for housing next year with useless flatmate
    Well done to everyone who's made progress!
  18. Well done Bellacute!

    Arched Eybrow... Bellacute is right... come and join us... just list three little things to start.. you'll feel MUCH better!

    After another day of procrastinating, and not achieving much, I leapt into action about 4pm and I have finally, finally FINALLY completed the awful work folders from last year!!!! Not perfect, but enough to assure my boss that they just need a little tidying up... IF he looks!!!!

    This is a HUGE relief, so thank you for inspiring and supporting me!

    I've started this years folders, which means I'm nearly on top of things

    I've written article for newsletter

    Have prepared for tomorrow... not brilliant, but enough to get by

    I even met a 'real person' for coffee......(i.e. I got off here, and actually went out on my day off....)

    Although I felt so depressed today, that I could cry, I've managed to achieve enough in the last two hours, to make me feel that life is still 'sortable"

    Still need to figure out technical gadgets, but that's ok.. will get that done soon...

    Good luck to anyone who needs it! x
  19. angiebabe

    angiebabe Occasional commenter

    Well done Annie - that black cloud has now lifted and replaced by fluffy white one!!
    Good that you got out and about too.
    Onwards & upwards.
    My day:-
    Tree feller arrived at about 8.15 (wasnt expecting him until tomorrow!!!) - so quickly dressed and car moved etc.
    Went to gym for 'Diet class' - left wrong half of parking ticket in car and had to return to retrieve it for refund - then couldn't remember if I'd locked car so went back to car for a 2nd time - had locked it obviously.
    Should have done some gym work but decided to go to B&Q as it is discount day for pensioners (borrowed card from bro not got mine yet). Bought loads of plants and 3 gorgeous glazed pots and 3 bags of compost only to be told I couldn't spend my 'Gardening Vouchers' (gift from friend when I retired) - thought what the heck, I got discount and had &pound;15 on B&Q card (gift from another friend!) - but still spent way too much.
    Did some housework.
    Picked up globe that was offered on freecycle (had gone previous day to wrong house - reading this now I think I need to take stock of myself!!!!)
    Made two pictures with clip on frames and Peppa Pig wrapping paper for great niece visiting from Auz soon.
    Went around to bro's with duvet & covers to make bed for great niece + organised some toys for her.
    Fried off some lamb steaks and put them in the oven in gravy to cook (yum, looking forward to that)
    Oh and finally sorted out Pension details to send off to Tax Office.
    So not a bad day really - feel pooped now and its only 5.45 ha! ha!
  20. Wow, Angiebabe! I'm seriously impressed!!!!!

    This is my second day of being off sick with gastric flu, so am doing nothing, but lying in bed reading

    I'll try and leap into action in the next day or two........

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