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The chronic procrastination thread

Discussion in 'Personal' started by gargoyle770, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. Thank you Shazgo and CandleStick! My day's already gone pear-shaped as I had to take the kitten to the vet.... but it's 12.15, and I've revised my list into sixteen things that should be done today, and easily achievable if I get going! Some of them are only short (phone call, writing a thank you card...etc) I feel motivated and encouraged by your words, so I'll get started! x
  2. 2.15...... have cleaned kitchen, tidied bedroom, put two class lists in diaries and got their attendance records up to date, sorted out huge pile of paperwork into appropriate bundles, and did some clothes washing......
  3. By the end of the week I need to:
    1. Finish University Assignment (due in on Friday been putting it off since Christmas [​IMG])
    2. Update QTS files before going on placement in a few weeks(So i only have to update with placement experiences while on placement)
    3. Wash up dishes that have been sat on the side since Saturday so flatmates don't get angry [​IMG]
    So far have no motivation for anything [​IMG]
  4. Do the dishes first - requires no thinking; will make you feel good to have achieved something from the list! Start the assignment and work in two hour shifts with no tv and laptop closed down. Never as bad as you think once you actually START. Good luck.
  5. guinnesspuss

    guinnesspuss Star commenter

    still haven't exactly sorted out the kitchen properly [​IMG]
    Have read a book! [​IMG]
    Lounge still a mess [​IMG]
    Have downloaded next two books of the trilogy [​IMG]
    Okay, so with all the positive action on here to inspire me, I'm off to get to grips with the cleaning.
    *Note to self Do not open Kindle!
  6. I have just got worse at procastination since I have been signed off work for a few weeks. I have all this time to catch up on stuff and all I do is sit around on the internet and just about manage to cook the tea on time.
    What does everybody think is a good number for a list of things to do? Everyone seems to be going for 3?
    1. Iron the uniforms for the rest of the week
    2. Clean at least one kitchen cupboard
    3. Phone the dentist and make an appointment for myself and my son.
    Hope I can do these things....
  7. Dentist phoned and appointment made - why on earth did I put it off so long???
  8. I have cleaned one kitchen cupboard. :)
  9. angiebabe

    angiebabe Occasional commenter

    Just by telling us seems to have spurred you on - well done. Time to write a new list [​IMG]
  10. Uniform ironing done. :) that was the hard one - put that off for ages!
    For tonight -
    1. Check library opening hours
    2. Do two more rounds for the quiz I have promised to run on Saturday.
    3. Wash and dry the new sheets for son's bed.
    4. Find a recipe to try for tea tomorrow. Chicken based.
    New list for tomorrow
    1. Son's new bed coming tomorrow. I will put it in his bedroom and put it together.
    2. Clean the fridge. It's yucky.
    3. Go to the bank
    4. Put out the recycling - I usually miss it.
    5. Return books to the library
    Thats enough I think for now - I will check back in tomorrow.
  11. Well done pastychucker! I did ok yesterday..... managed to get through most of my list. I'll be back later with another one....... good luck everyone else!
  12. Well done everyone! I feel good having got through so much yesterday, but it still seems like the backlog is endless......day off again tomorrow, so i have too..

    Complete two work folders
    Mark all of year 7's workbooks
    Mark all of year 8's workbooks
    Do planning for Thursday
    Put rehearsal notice in school notices
    There are still several things that have been outstanding for a long time, and there's things that are 'current' like plan next term's concert... but, as I said before... baby steps......

    Good luck everyone, and thanks heaps for joining in. It has really helped me doing this x

  13. I must
    <ol>[*]mark year 10 practice papers to give back period 1 tomorrow[*]mark year 11 practice papers[*]update the SEF as I got an extension until first thing tomorrow.</ol>In order to achieve any of the above, I probably need to stop reading and posting on here!
    I'll come back later to see how anyone else is getting on...
  14. Good luck everyone.... I'm looking at my list for today and feeling horribly unmotivated. I feel sick with dread, as I need to go and do the weekly food shopping too, which seems very complicated! And there's housework things too... will see how I go.....
  15. guinnesspuss

    guinnesspuss Star commenter

    Well....... I've stripped the bed, put the dish washer and washing machine on, made a few brews, answered a few e-mails and added to my TES post tally. Now if I can summon up the energy I may run the hoover over the visible bits!!! Still need to do important stuff like cancelling appointment for blood tests next week, but hate phoning people.
    Oh well ... I wonder what's new on opinion [​IMG]
  16. angiebabe

    angiebabe Occasional commenter

    I've made Chicken in white wine for friends tomorrow (about 9 of us).
    Prepared salmon and salsa for bro tonight.
    1 loaf is'proving' after being knocked back twice. (even I'm impressed with that)
    Experimenting with ciabatta dough in bread maker (worried about that)
    Need to have a bit of defuzz just in case I get lucky tomorrow night!!!
    But still have 101 things to do, like wrap brother's birthday present, make him some kind of special dessert (he is diabetic), clean bathroom, tidy kitchen, hoover, change the bed, bake the bread, add sun-dried tomato to ciabatta and see if it works ha ha and so it goes on.
    Oh and of couse TIDY UP generally...............
    At least none of this has to do with school, it is all purely for pleasure so I know I am very lucky.
  17. Well I'm back! Assignment was handed in this morning on time, phew! Just to wait for the results now...
    QTS folder up to date too. So my list for the weekend is as follows:
    1. Tidy Bedroom - And I mean tidy it, not just shove everything under the bed [​IMG]
    2. Go food shopping
    3. Complete the seminar tasks for the last few weeks from my least favourite module (not looking forward to this)
    Well done everyone, thank you so much for helping me motivate myself.
  18. Well done everyone! I'm just having a housework/farm duty day.... I'll be back later with a list of schoolwork..... which I've no intention of doing today!
  19. angiebabe

    angiebabe Occasional commenter

    Meal for bro was a huge success. Just have to tidy kitchen now! Then the rest of the jobs before 'gang' arrive tomorrow - oh and possibly drive 30mins there and 30mins back to pick up friend from train station. Defuzz done so thats a bonus!!!!!!!!!!
  20. Excellent!
    Bought salt lick and grass hay for the two wee cows that are arriving on Monday
    Cleaned laundry and mopped floor (this involved cleaning cat litter tray, and removing a little 'accident'... as I probably should have cleaned it yesterday)
    Tidied bedroom, collected washing and have put the whites on overnight to soak (hope I remember to turn washing machine on in the morning!)
    Checked about a third of our macademia trees for off-shoots, and removed the off-shoots on the trees that had them
    Tomorrow I need to do school work, and learn how to drive the tractor (not as fun as it sounds... the tractor terrifies me... it's BIG)


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