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The chronic procrastination thread

Discussion in 'Personal' started by gargoyle770, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. angiebabe

    angiebabe Occasional commenter

    It can also be a big flagup for stress Annie, which I think you may well be. I'm just being lazy - still here not had the shower yet. Will look at one more post and then I am defintely off - see ya in the jacuzzi at Baubles Bar [​IMG]
  2. Yes, I AM stressed. I have a history of anxiety and depression, and I suffer from cyclothymic disorder... which is possibly in the lower ranges of bi-polar disorder (in real terms it means that I go through periods of feeling incredibly happy, and periods of feeling like death would be rather nice. Not actually suicidal, or anything, just a wish that life could just be over. Unfortunately the happy periods last for a couple of weeks, and the unhappy episodes last for most of the year)
  3. I will just very quickly add that in the 'down' periods, I realize that this is part of an illness, and am never tempted to act on it. I also realize that my 'happy' episodes aren't 'real' ... so I just muddle along with the highs and the lows. It's ok. I deal with it. And I don't take medication, in spite of my doctor's wishes, and I think I cope fairly well... apart from having a major procrastination problem!
  4. Oh, God! Now I've just gone and made my self sound like a psycho! I'm not.... I present as being perfectly normal, I have perfectly normal and also weird and wonderful friends.... I have a responsible position in teaching etc, etc, etc... i just have the normal highs and lows that everyone experiences........ they're just a LITTLE bit more extreme than most....
  5. angiebabe

    angiebabe Occasional commenter

    No, I understand what you mean completely. I think my father was the same (he died when I was 27) and I never understood what his moods were all about. To some degree I think my daughter and I also suffer with highs and lows. I used to get in such a fug that I would cut myself off from friends, make excuses not to socialise etc. I've never told docs but have had a few real bad bouts of anxiety and stress over the years. Now that I'm retired the stress of work has gone, thank god and I am enjoying the release. However, I now have very little structure to my days and weeks and I think I am really missing that aspect of my life. Whilst just drying my hair it occurred to me that I used to shower and wash my hair before work! Now I think it is a job that can last up to an hour - whereas before it was 20mins.
    As I've said before, be a little kinder to yourself. Have today off and sort out paperwork tomorrow.
  6. Thank you angiebabe...... it's night time for me in Oz..... I'll hopefully be back tomorrow to say that some of the paperworks been done. But thank you for understanding xxx
  7. Angie is such a nice person. She has picked up your bar tab for all your carry outs.

    Stick with it, Annie. xx
  8. Thank you Baubs.... i will no doubt be visiting you bar very soon, in search of more sustenance xx
  9. By Wednesday I would like to : 1) Clean and sort all house including washing and bedding (2) compare quotes, telephone with lengthy explanations, renew fiance's motorbike insurance (3) find and organise all financial paperwork - including sorting what ex owes me and sorting one of fiance's PPI claims... That will do for now!
  10. guinnesspuss

    guinnesspuss Star commenter

    Just about everything needs sorting!!!!
    Baby steps ..........................................................................................................................................
    Bath ...... now more posting later ........
    Kitchen????? Tomorrow!!!!![​IMG]
  11. Haven't done as well with these so far:
    but I did apply for a new job after insisting that somebody else on here apply for theirs. Some of the paper from around the house has been filed away. I have homework from year 9 to mark which I intend to do tomorrow morning during my daughter's riding lesson.
    Must get some motivation from somewhere to get on with stuff.....
  12. . When does your half term end?
  13. In about 38 hours!
  14. oh no! You poor thing - mine only just beginning... Right, you HAVE to begin the year 8 books at precisely 2pm tomorrow! Enjoy tonight, try to relax.
  15. I like that - it makes me think "I'll show you and have them FINISHED by 2pm tomorrow!".

    PS Love the username
  16. Thanks! It's a b u g g e r to type in each time I sign in ;-) I look forward to checking in tomorrow to find that by 2pm you are relaxing after marking year 9 homework, marking year 8 books and filing away a pile ;-) May the force be with you.
  17. well done you! You've done loads! :) I've located all paperwork I need, cleaned house and done washing and bedding so well on target to complete list by Wednesday.
  18. Well done everyone! I've done nothing all weekend........ well, i can see my study floor, and that's about it. It's may day off today, so I hope I can come on later and say I've achieved something......
  19. I shall have a look in the morning!
    I was delighted when I finished marking the year 8 books I had been looking at all week. Why is it so hard to start things? They are rarely as bad as I expect once I get going.....
    Good luck Annie
    (PS I can see some of my study floor - I hope to remedy that by taking lots of paperwork back to school and "putting it away")
  20. Well done Shazgo! :) Annie, thanks for a great thread which has motivated me to take action. Good luck with achieving something from your list tomorrow x

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