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The chronic procrastination thread

Discussion in 'Personal' started by gargoyle770, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. Ohh! Hope you have a brilliant time! Please wave to Glasgow for me!

    I FINALLY managed to get organised enough, for my friend to come in yesterday, and finish recording his song with my kids. (Last day of term.. was cutting it pretty fine!!!!!) I'm going to go up in the next few days, and re-do my keyboard part and vocals...

    So, this week Marlin, I promise I'll send you recordings etc.. ! [​IMG]

    Can't believe I"ve got three weeks off now!!!!

    Will post a proper list later, but my big thing for these three weeks, is to get outside more, get some exercise, and lose two kilo's before I go back to school

    And priority for today is to buy mobile phone credit, and answer some text messages..

    And buy cat/dog biscuits and duckling bedding
  2. runyourrun

    runyourrun New commenter

    Ok I did the kitchen drawer today and its so much better. I was all ready to do the oven, but I didn't have any rubber gloves so couldn't. Bought some this evening so will do it tomorrow. Putting the wall sign up tomorrow after my dad drops off a spirit level. Utility room looks better, but there is little chance of me doing all the cupboards. Didn't realise how much **** was in them. Might just aim to tackle one or two.

    I don't feel guilty about only doing one job though because I have been busy all day doing other jobs.
  3. Oh, well done!

    I HATE cleaning our oven. I've had two surprisingly productive days, but not what I was actually planning to do..

    Yesterday I cleared lantana, and chopped down young wattles from the cow's paddock, and collected firewood (None of these were on my to-do list)

    Today, I got up at six o'clock, had done two hours housework, by nine, 'borrowed' two self-assembly book cases from OH's shed, assembled them and stuck them in my study, thus creating a bit more room for me to work in. I now have an entire little book case, dedicated as a "To-do" bookcase... it is filled with presents, padded envelopes, and blank CD"S!

    I think I'm getting on top of things!
  4. Oh, my "Learn to Speak Indonesian" book and CD"s has arrived at the bookshop, so need to collect that today! Very excited!
  5. Ohh! I should be horribly embarrassed that it's taken so long.. but I'm very excited that I actually sent two parcels to the UK today!!!!

    For some reason this seemed horribly complicated, involving burning CD"s etc.. but I just woke up, and was so annoyed with myself, I decided that I was doing it.

    Yay! [​IMG]

    How is everyone else doing?!
  6. runyourrun

    runyourrun New commenter

    ooo well done! That's brilliant.

    Love the to do bookcase!

    Got loads to do (as usual), but I've come to bed for an early night because I'm exhausted and have been a bit achy today. Can't even be bothered to think about my next list. Mañana.
  7. marlin

    marlin Star commenter

    I'm back and I did!

    Pretty exhausted now and will have to make some 'to do' lists once I've recovered!

    Washing machine is already on, but there are three more loads to do and then all the ironing [​IMG] ... but not until I've had a good night's sleep.

    Should I be expecting a parcel Annie? [​IMG]
  8. Thank you! Tomorrow's list simply consists of looking at the 'to-do bookcase" and seeing what still needs to be done! I also put in books that I've borrowed, and PD material that needs to be read, hence the need for a whole little bookcase!

    Going to finish recording tomorrow morning...

    Hope your feeling better tomorrow, runyourrun x
  9. Lol! Yes!

    Now.... in my defence, I was SO excited about actually sending you a thank-you parcel, nearly a year later, I'm afraid I sealed it up, and then realised that I hadn't actually included the thank you card... [​IMG]

    I'll have to e-mail you some notes about the recordings as a separate attachment.. and there are more CD's to follow... but I'll get there! [​IMG]
  10. Oh, sorry.. should explain about the recording of song... the kids finished it, but I'm going to do an alternative harmony, so that's not finished yet..

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