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The chronic procrastination thread

Discussion in 'Personal' started by gargoyle770, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. Lol, GP! There's things that I haven't actually got written down... like the dentist and the doctor and the hair appointment... there floating around in my head somewhere (in the too-hard basket section)

    I hung around on the internet for two hours this morning, between here and online sudoku....

    I then took the dug to the beach... as I decided I'd probably spend that much time procrastinating anyway, and one of the things on my mental to-do list, is 'get more exercise".

    All in all, it was after 1pm before I started getting any work done, but I started another folder of work. At times, my stomach was churning so badly, and I felt so trapped, I had to go outside and pace up and down. At one point, i decided to clean the toilet, and the cat's box.. both of which had me wanting to throw up. I can handle these tasks perfectly well, usually, but I think it was the stress.

    Decided to clear out my school e-mails after that... that's thrown up another dozen things that I need to either do or think about

    Managed to pay two overdue bills

    Have to start thinking about doing my tax, which is now about five years overdue......

    It seems never-ending....

    Anyone else faring any better?
  2. marymoocow

    marymoocow Star commenter

    Have been into work which I normally avoid in half term hols, to get on top of my class so feel a bit better on that front. However have now spent a sleepless night unable to switch off from work and various work related issues and feel like ****. Actually have heart palpitations today and feel very dizzy and exhausted. Was supposed to go shopping today but dont feel safe to drive, so it will have to wait until tomorrow.
    However having been looking semi half heartedly for a new job, I looked on a job site today to see a job much closer to home in a much nicer school, so feel a little more positive. It will be a massive change in terms of age range and hours worked but I actually quite like the idea of it. I think I need a change to shake me out of my rut. My only problem is that it has a very very long application period, so I know I will end up putting off applying and visiting the school until last minute. I definately thrive better on short time scales.LOL
  3. angiebabe

    angiebabe Occasional commenter

    Get that application sorted NOW! Gather all the info you will need for it and get going NOW! I insist that you do it today! Leave the shopping, read your post again as if it was somebody else writing it and you will realise you have to make changes NOW!! Please please please [​IMG]
  4. Ditto! Things are never as difficult as they seem once you get started... that's the one thing that I've realized since starting this thread. Make a list... make it into baby steps if you have to (works for me!) even if its "buy envelope for job application". You will honestly feel much better, and it could turn your life around. Good luck! x
  5. marymoocow

    marymoocow Star commenter

    You read my mind Annie. Top of my list is to buy envelopes because I have run out. LOL!
    Maybe we need to be each others life coaches. Cheap at half the price.[​IMG]
  6. I have done all of these!
    and I have also done a lot of things that I didn't write down, so my next three are:
    1. Write reports on the examiners in my team and post booklets back to edexcel
    2. Mark year 8 books ready for my observation after half term
    3. File away at least one of the piles of paper lying around the house
    Sorry, I can't remember who it was, but YOU MUST APPLY FOR THE JOB!
    Best wishes
  7. LOL too! I"m up for a bit of life coaching.....could save us a fortune! It's getting late for me (oz time) but I'll come back on tomorrow with another list of things I have to do this weekend, and you can encourage me or tell me off if I haven't done them......

    I managed to NOT phone and recharge my mobile which means I've lost $50 in credit..... just seemed like too much hassle, and I'll simply have to do it in the next day or two anyway.....

    I DID manage to phone the landline phone bill company (been putting this off from last bill) to tell them that they have my name slightly wrong, they had my address wrong, they charged me for something that I told them already that I didn't actually want, and that the due date for the bill being paid, was already past (since they had my address wrong.....)

    Feel like that was a major achievement as I HATE phoning them!
  8. And well done shazgo!!!!! Sorry, we must have been cross posting. Ok, i suppose it's not too late for me to think...

    I have two further folders or work to compile

    I have to finish yearly planning for two year groups

    I need to have cover sheets outlining my assessment tasks for this term to give to all of my classes next week....

    Wish me luck?
  9. marymoocow

    marymoocow Star commenter

    Oh I'm a bit phone phobic too. Forgot to ring the mortgage company yesterday, but only because I had been puting it off. Fortunately OH is on hol today so is going to do it instead. Phew![​IMG]
    Need to sort out my pension contribution because there is an error. Tried to sort it a couple of YEARS ago but they have still not changed it. Trouble is first I need to collect the various piles of wage slips and pension forms and sort and file them before I can do this.[​IMG]
  10. angiebabe

    angiebabe Occasional commenter

    I am really poor at personal paperwork.
    Thought I would be more organised on the housework front when I retired but that not happened yet. I love the fact that I don't have to cram all the housework + schoolwork + gardening into a weekend. I can now do the hoovering on a monday and the washing on a wednesday if I want. I think this is probably what is stopping me from having a super tidy house like my other friends who are retired (but then they were never teachers).
  11. Oh, that sounds awful! That's the reason why we procrastinate I think... that things just seem far too complicated. I still need to rollover my superannuation from one company to another... it involves filling out a form.. I'm really phobic about forms. I need to change my teachers union... Again... MORE forms.... I finally took the plunge last week to sort out my internet banking. It took over an hour..... it's no wonder I procrastinate!
  12. I hate paperwork in all its forms. OH has been very impressed since we bought a wee farm a few months ago, at my willingness to do outdoor things, as I've never been an outdoor/gardening sort of person before. He doesn't realize that I'm happy to do hours of weeding or mowing etc (he chopped a tree down earlier and we spent two hours stripping the bark of it so that it can be made into fence posts) because I'm avoiding doing the things that I really should be doing in my study. I've got a backload of marking to do, but hoping that I can also catch up with this at the weekend..... *sigh*
  13. Thank you for the encouragement. I am also phone-phobic. No idea why, as I am intelligent, articulate etc but I absolutely hate picking up the phone and talking to people.
    I have phoned a mobile company about my billls and got a refund of £7.50, phoned the NUT for the printout of subs so that I can claim back tax relief for the last 6 years, phoned Sky to get a repairman to fix the Sky+ box and also emailed various other companies to cancel subscriptions. I was trying to sort out the piles of paperwork lying around, but by putting that off I have been able to tick a lot of items off my to do list.
    Now I just need to sort out the paperwork and do the marking I brought home for half term and plan some lessons and...
    Good luck with all of your chores everyone.
  14. marymoocow

    marymoocow Star commenter

    Just finished the pile of assessments and marking, but dont feel relieved or pleased with myself, just annoyed that it has taken up yet another day of my hol and has taken far longer ie 3 hours longer than I thought. Have finished a letter though that I almost put off until sunday, so glad about that.
  15. I feel like carp... have achieved nothing today, apart from doing some housework things, mopping out the laundry.... though I HAVE managed to take our school prayer and put music to it, and convert it into a school hymn.... That was SO last on my list of priorities, but it was overdue, and it's been the only thing that I've felt inspired to do.

    I'm not particularly religious... I just teach at an Anglican school, and the chaplain asked me to do it, (about six months ago) and I'm musical, so I did... I'm actually quite happy with the result... but no further on all the other stuff I have to do
  16. angiebabe

    angiebabe Occasional commenter

    Pat yourself on the back for ALL achievements Annie - at least you are doing something. I've just sat in front of the tv looking at cookery and diy progs for most of the week. Oh I did was the kitchen and bathroom floors! Still in pjs now having a cuppa and wasting time on here! Need shower and hair wash (I class hair wash as a job because it takes time to dry it and make me looking presentable). Was going to do some washing and hang it out to dry but when I saw the weather earlier I thought better of it. Now it is gorgeous out there but by the time I strip the bed put the washing on and wait for it it will be more like 2oclock and not worth putting out!!! Eee by gum more procrastination.
  17. Thanks so much, angiebabe... I'm SO with you on the hair washing thing... I really hate washing my hair... it's very long and thick, takes ages to dry, and the whole process just seems unbearably complicated. I know that you're supposed to wash your hair at least once a week... I simply don't... I often spray it with water and conditioner and prolong it as long as possible. LIke you, I see it as a chore.

    I did a washing a couple of days ago, but couldn't actually bring myself to hang it out, so had to re-wash it a day later! I did that this morning, and hung it out, but didn't bring it in when it was dry..... Hope it's still sunny tomorrow!!"

    And my mobile phone has now run out of credit, because I didn't phone them to renew....."

    Not feeling good just now, so everything seems twice as complicated as it would do normally. I'm hoping I can actually feel motivated to sort out all the paperwork and marking I've brought home with me, tomorrow....
  18. Sorry if that all sounded very negative. I DO feel good about creating the school hymn!
  19. angiebabe

    angiebabe Occasional commenter

    I wash my hair at least 3times a week. Have tried to coincide with going for a swim as I'm not one of those women who can have boufant hair and full make-up whilst swimming up and down the pool talking to friend!! Have you ever seen them? Amazing.
    Fortunately I no longer have to deal with school work so I fully sympathise that you are doing everything else other than what really needs to be addressed. I feel a little like that because I am doing everything except the cleaning. I used to do the cleaning just so that I could avoid the schoolwork!!
  20. I'm laughing at this, angiebabe! Yes.. I'm doing housework, doing farm work, lots of weeding and mowing etc... .the paperwork is killing me! I googled "procrastination' (while procrastinating) and came across this article by a university professor, who said that people who procrastinate can often come across as being high achievers, as they do SO much, (which is visible) while avoiding the things that they should be doing.......

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