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the bird watching thread -( for Annie Boxed In and me and anyone else that would like to join)

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by cosmos, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. I was completely gob-smacked when this turned up a few months ago... i was literally shaking with excitement! Red-winged parrot... I checked my bird-book, and then phoned the NSW bird association... as it was well out of its range, and was just not supposed to be here! They reckoned that it had probably escaped from an aviary.......it was feeding on the ground with the king parrots, which is funny as it's not a ground feeder, but it's closely related to them, and being alone had obviously just joined their tribe and was doing what they do.... it hung around for a few months, but haven't seen it since....

  2. guinnesspuss

    guinnesspuss Star commenter

    Jealous, jealous, jealous!
    It's one of the birds I really want to see, but never manage to be in the right place at the right time.
  3. I know.... I would absolutely kill to see one too!! We don't get those here!!!! :(
  4. This is not my photo but just wanted to show you both what I used to have on my doorstep


    I feel homesick!
  5. You're making me feel homesick!!!!!!! The scenery behind the bird is stunning!!!! Oh, roll on Christmas, when I'm (hopefully) coming home! [​IMG]
  6. And this will be waiting for you......

  7. Lol! I was home two years ago at Christmas/New Year when the UK had all that snow, and on Christmas day, a little robin appeared in the backyard on a snow laiden tree........ totally made my Christmas. I also saw a couple of redwings which was a real treat.. apparently you were getting all these bizarre off course birds? I think they were from Sweden or Switzerland!
  8. I saw a little flame robbin when I was in Tasmania.... incidentally none of these are actually my pictures either!

  9. Yes! Saw several this last winter for the first time. Many also come from Iceland

  10. I have photos of the king parrots in my hand, but can't post them.... :( Saw this little red-backed wren, down the cross country track a few months ago... was very excited as it was another 'first" !!

  11. Buy lottery ticket for tonight, buy lottery ticket for tonight....
    Those are enchanting Annie.

    redwing -
  12. Oh, yes! You'd love it here, Cosmos! They're just everywhere! I was telling the kids today how lucky they were as we had the blue faced honeyeaters on the classroom verandah... and I was saying "We don't get these in Scotland! You shouldn't take them for granted!" Woke up to another kangaroo in the garden, right outside the kitchen window.... still amazes me!
  13. This is the infamous and very famous kookaburra...there;s more than one type and this one is actually classified as "Laughing Kookaburra" ... i never understood the song at school [​IMG]

  14. I have to remind myself that we have a wonderful bird population here too - not as glamorous maybe but just as lovely.
    The feeding party of long tailed **** has now increased to 9!


    I know I have shown them to you already but I never tire of seeing them
  15. This is very high on my list of want-to -see the red necked phalarope

    They arrive in the summer in small numbers in northern Scotland and the Western Isles.
    I want my bird watching holiday!
  16. That's amazing... I just checked my bird book and they are a VERY rare visitor here too! This is on my wish list of birds that I would like to see... 50 cms from tip to tail and also very rare......the Great Crested Grebe.

  17. Aren't they handsome! I haven't seen those either.
    This little bird was supposed to have arrived in huge numbers last winters taking refuge from the even harsher European winter. Did I see one? No. I lurked with my binoculars in all the places they were meant to be seen but nary a one. Very frustrating.
  18. That's quite incredible, isn't it!!! I've seen these once, and only once...... they were a pair... .huge things! Maybe up to my armipit? (I'm not very tall though!!!) It was a very lucky sighting as my brother was visiting from Scotland and he spotted them!

  19. WeeScabbyDug

    WeeScabbyDug Senior commenter

    An' we git thi giwaffe things wi' thi big lang necks... tho' ma mammy caw's them "eem-yoos" ... but it's jist thi same, innit?


    Why did ma mammy jist gie meh a skelp an' tellt meh tae get bak tae ma ain thread... she cumms oan mine aw thi time, and tak's tae thi ither mammies... no fair.....
  20. I've only seen emus a few times.... the place where we go camping is supposed to have a colony of coastal emus, but I haven't seen them for years now ..... colleague reckons that the learner drivers get most of them.... ;( ... I never got out of the car when I saw them... they can be quite aggressive, and apparently can break a man's leg with one hefty kick!!!

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