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the bird watching thread -( for Annie Boxed In and me and anyone else that would like to join)

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by cosmos, Jul 13, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

    I have a pair of goldfinches that visit my bird feeders and are now bringing their two chicks. Unlike this picture, the parents don't feed their young but just stuff their own beaks with thistle seed and ignore the incessant cheeping and fluttering wings. Is this normal behaviour or are they just rotten parents?
  2. Aww! They're gorgeous... I've seen one of them here, only once in seventeen years... they sound like rotten parents!
    These are my most frequent visitors... Australian King Parrot......I've got a few of them fairly tame and they'll eat out of my hand. They're very cheeky though, and actually wander into the house... I've started having to shut the screen door..... so they just hang off that squawking! Dug knows not to chase them, but chases every other bird that comes into the yard!

  3. I cannot imagine being able to see anything quite so exotic on a daily basis! What gorgeous colours. What sort of size is it?
    Something that got me quite excited very recently was seeing a nuthatch that came to the feeder for the first time in 10 years - and yet my friend, who lives half a mile away has several...

    it always feeds upside down - such a pretty little thing.

  4. That looks gorgeous! I never saw anything as exotic as that in Glasgow!!!! The king parrots are big birds... only slightly smaller than a crow or a raven.....they're usually followed closely by these little rainbow lorikeets.....


    I try not to encourage these too much even though they're gorgeous.... friends have warned me that you start with a few, and end up with about 30 turning up at your house at dawn, screeching to be fed, and they're VERY noisy!!!!
  5. [​IMG]

    And these crested pigeons are another daily visitor...... they look like little punks!!!
  6. Oh my goodness - the colours are almost unreal aren't they. I can't offer anything quite as exotic but continuing with birds that come to my feeders, these are my absolute favourites
    Long tailed ****. They usually arrive in a feeding party, I've had up to 12 during the winter but only 4 or 5 at the moment. Such busy, bustly little things - a joy to watch.
  7. Oh, they're SO cute!!! You'll love these... don't get these around the house, but strangely enough they hang around the town centre... even the pub beer garden! And I see them down the cross country track... blue faced wrens... tiny little things....got them a lot in Victoria too.... they used to attack my car mirrors at mating season, thinking that the reflection was another bird..... took me weeks to figure out why only my mirrors were covered in bird-poo!

  8. The Ibis is the bird that got me into bird watching in the first place! My first day in Australia, and I saw one of these and had a ***?! reaction.... they stand about a foot tall... and are just weird looking!

  9. Annie - I am going to win the lottery and come and visit you. Australia must be a bird watcher's paradise. That blue faced wren is beautiful and the ibis is magnificent.
    I only started becoming interested in bird watching very recently, in the last year or so. Mr C gave me a pair of binoculars for my birthday and a bird book and that was it...... I really want to be able to go to Shetland and/or Orkney or even Fair Isle for a bird watching holiday, especially during the time of the autumn migrations. That is my idea of bliss. Maybe next year....
    Meanwhile I offer you this....a bird I was lucky enough to see during a trip to Mull
    a white-tailed sea eagle - took my breath away!
  10. Oh, that is stunning!!!! I've seen wedge-tailed eagles here... but their main identifying feature ( as well as their tail) is that they soar incredibly high, so didn't exactly get a good look! We get ospreys.. .my sister was visiting and was amazed that they have nests in trees off the main highway.. she said in Scotland they have special bird hides to see them!
  11. I don't see a lot of eagles.... but I see these at the beach occasionally and I just love their colour......Brahminy Kite. On holiday, someone had left a discarded fish head on the beach and the seagulls were fighting over it... until this came along....followed by one I didn't recognize... possibly a black kite, so there was a lot of swooping and squawking!

  12. This is one of my top-ten favourites! Noisy friar bird...... so ugly only a mother could love them! You get flocks of them, and they chatter away excitedly, their voices rising and falling.... they make me think of a bunch of washerwomen in an auld Glasgow steamie!

  13. The sea eagles could only be viewed from a hide too - parents and a chick and a lamb in the nest! But then one adult left the nest and swooped right over us so low I ducked. How do you get anything done with so much wonderous birdlife around you? Or have you got to the stage where they are now commonplace?
    This is another 'find' in Mull.....it is apparently rare now and the whole island was crawling with twitchers complete with tripods and telescopic lenses all eager for a view. They looke daft! I walked away from the hordes and found a quiet spot to eat my sandwiches and after about 10 minutes not one but two popped their heads up from the long grass - and I had them all to myself.

    After watching them for a little while some birdwatchers walked by and I took pity on them and told them about the birds in the field. Out came the walkie talkies and dozens of people rushed over and set up their tripods and cameras. It was a sight to see.......
  14. Lol! That sounds like sheer madness! I don't "go bird watching" but there's enough of them around... and yes.. you do get used to them.... I used to spend ages patiently feeding the king parrots.. now they turn up and squawk for food, and I throw them a handful of bird seed.... well they DO turn up half a dozen times during the day! The ones I've shown you earlier tend to be ground feeders... the crested pigeon, the lorikeets and the king parrots.. but we get a lot of these in the bushes.... Blue Faced Honeyeaters...

  15. And the Eastern Rosellas... bit shy... see them sitting on my fence occasionally....

  16. And lots of these ... quite correctly called the NOISY miner bird... they're very territorial and will gang up and squawk at other birds to chase them away... the dug chases them!!!!

  17. But I don't take them ALL for granted... saw this gorgeous little Eastern Yellow Robbin when I was on holiday and had only seen it a few times before..... it's so impossible, it takes my breath away!

  18. It looks a bit top heavy! We are told about the dangers of snakes and spiders in Australia but I don't think anyone has ever mentioned the dangerous birds!

    I love this little bird - the great tit. They are very regular visitors and are astonishingly vocal for such a small thing.
  19. That's gorgeous! I never saw anything like that in Glasgow!!! I got a surprise this morning, when I opened the door to let the dug out, and disturbed a large kangaroo just beyond the patio! It was a big one... nearly up to my shoulder!

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