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The Bets Are On: Mike Russell, Will He Stay or Will He Go? (cf Hyslop)

Discussion in 'Scotland - education news' started by Packupyertroubl, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. Packupyertroubl

    Packupyertroubl New commenter

    Are we better with the Devil we know, or should his head roll for what he's doing to Secondary Education? There was a Big Debate on tv last night: the reporter was polite but unchallenging in any scathing way, the Lib Dem woman was a pillock, the Tory woman was a cardboard cutout, the Labour man was anything but useful to listen to, and yer man Russell was adamant his ways are the only ways. The Herald's headline today: Russell's head will roll if he tries to push for fees for EU students who come over to Scotland for fee-free education. Any thoughts?
    Also, the teachers in the audience were, shall we say, a wee tad short of angry. They seemed much to polite. Was it my imagination, or weren't most of the teachers (secondary) who were asked to speak on Curric for Excellence in this debate, older than 40? In other words, the new teachers on the block won't be asked: they've been schooled (......) in their responses, e.g. at interview (a NQT colleague stated this to me in 2006) so they know exactly what to say when it comes to what management want to hear. Are only 'older' teachers the ones totally convinced that what Curriculum for Excellence stands for is too insubstantial to be identified with any real clarity? Finally, will the SNP be turfed out, as a result, e.g., of people like Mike Russell's incompetence (bearing in mind that he couldn't re-invent the wheel, in the time he's been in office since the last Total Incompetent for Education, Fiona Hyslop?) What are we to think of it all.....there are almost as many divisions in education as there are C for E glossy manuals lying around empty staffrooms, methinks....
  2. halfajack

    halfajack Occasional commenter

    Please don't tar us all with the same brush! I finished by PGDE in 2008 and I don't feel I know what management want to hear! Most intelligent colleagues who qualified at the same time as me have concerns over CfE. We may have started out optimistic, as did many in the profession when CfE was being talked about, but when the green folders came out it all went downhill.
  3. Ignore the green folders, teach what you want and cover it it up with a scattering of fashionable buzzwords.
  4. Dominie

    Dominie New commenter

    Sad but oh so true!

    Returning to the question: MR is the political equivalent of the German national football team - underestimate him at your peril. To continue the German allegory, he's Scotland's very own Josef Goebells - a skilled media operator with an instinct for self preservation. He's not popular in the ranks of the SNP and especially not with the Fuhrer Herr Salmond who he challenged for the leadership some time ago. However, there's no way AS will sack him within weeks of a Scottish election. The only way he's going is if the Scottish electorate boot the SNP out. If that happens then watch out for a second bid for the leadership following a "Night of the Long Knives" in the SNP ranks.

    On the other hand, I'd really like to be proved wrong!
  5. Oi! Tell him to get his facts right. True, outcomes based education reared its ugly head in Queensland, but that was around 2000 - and was well and truly kicked into touch before it could be fully implemented. Around, I believe, the same time that South Africa adopted the same boot to derriere approach.
    I think you'll find that the place it 'first wailed its newly born breaths' was - surprise, surprise - the good old US of A a quarter of a century previously - the odious brainchild of a psychologist, a sociologist and a behavioural engineer. Well before us Aussies could even spell those words[​IMG]
  6. Packupyertroubl

    Packupyertroubl New commenter

    Ok, Railroadgin, I sit corrected. Still, we are now Up **** Creek Sans a Paddle, as they have scheduled the Death of Standard Grade (not sure if that's such a bad thing) but without a rock solid certificate ahead other than the 'Nationals', which I suspect are going to be loosely, or even firmly... based on the bits of Standard Grade that maybe worked.... although I could be wrong on that point to. Back to the point I made before, are we going to be seeing the back of Mike Russell also, as he walks away from his post? Is there a good alternative to SNP? Is the Moon made of cheese? ( NO and no). I want to vote Green. Anyway, I'd like to see what the kids say in 5 years or so when the new curriculum shall be 'in being', according to the High Heid Yins. The Curric fr E is so full of surveys and (recently seen) NQT's wie wee postit stickers handing them oot at the end o the lesson so's the kids can gie feedback in that (nice when you're no under any pressure tae get them oot the door...) I'd like to see honest (and I mean HONEST ) surveys of the kids' perceptions of their new 'lot' in the classroom, hear the truth from them. Somehow I think they'll be so brainwashed and well-rehearsed in HMI Speke, that they themselves will not be able to answer with anything but soundbites from ACE, without any real substance about the nuts and bolts of how they learned.... outcomes, outcomes, outcomes- just sounds like another way of saying 'tests', to me....

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