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The bestest ever of all-time ways to eat sprouts

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by modelmaker, Feb 19, 2011.

  1. modelmaker

    modelmaker Lead commenter

    You will have to trust me on this one and try it yourselves. It's sublime.
    I begin by saying I'm not a great fan of the spout. I eat them cooked in the usual manner partially as a punishment, partly becasue they are seasonal and at times, a relatively inexpensive vegatable to accompany a roast.
    We had half a pack left over in the fridge that would either need to be used or discarded and in the various options to accompany the liver, onions and apple dish on the menu this evening, mrs modelmaker chose sprouts, and so I coooked them.
    As they cooked, and my reticence at her choice began, to form, I asked if she would prefer bubble and squeak instead, and thankfully she agreed. So I cooked the sprouts and potatoes then inspiration struck when I drained them.
    In this moment of seeming madness I realised the amount of moisture in the sprouts would hamper any chance of making a decent bubble and squeek. So I squeezed the juice out of them. There was an awful lot of it, it transpired. As I did so, I thought about spinach, how most of it ends up down the drain when we cook it.
    And then I added it to he mashed potato, along with shed-loads of pepper and some cream. I might have been tempted to add some butter as well, but I discovered mrs modelmaker had used it all up on her toast earlier.
    So plan B, which was not such a bad thing, was to pop the dish is the oven to brown off, and as I said earlier, turns out is absolutely sublime. In fact it doesn't need any browning, just warming through. The taste is only partially remiscent of the sprout.It has all the good bits and nothing of the part many people dislike. I really can't believe it was quite so simple.
    I'd almost go so far as to say it was the best part of our meal unless there are offal afficionados reading this in which case I can tell you how gorgeous the liver turned out. Find me also a poster that can't stand liver and I'll convert them, as I easily as I did my dog.
  2. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

    Sounds great.
    Try 'em stir-fried, MM. Shred them with the shredding attachment of your food processor, then stir-fry with ginger, garlic, chilli, soy sauce and sesame oil. Sublime. Great as a side dish or even a frugal mid-week dish with some steamed rice
    Or, more traditionally, blanched and then sauteed with chunks of streaky bacon or pancetta and garlic and finished with a dribble of honey.
    I find, generally, the less cooking the better with sprouts. Our national tendency to overcook them is what makes them pungent little sulphurous balls of bitterness, generally, that and the funny little crosses that many insist on cutting in the bases which just increase the chance of them becoming waterlogged.
    Reminds me, only 10 months to go until Christmas. Must remember to phone my mother-in-law to remind her to get the sprouts on now, just to make sure that they're ready for Christmas Day...
  3. Sounds yummy. modelmaker. I'd agree with the stir fry option, too. I love sprouts finely shredded (not got a shreddy machine so do them by hand), stir fried with garlic, chilli flakes & black pepper, then Philly stirred in at the end.
  4. I'd agree with the stir fry option too.

    I love mine sauteed off in bacon lardon fat, mixed with the lardons, garlic, chilli and cheese sauce, then a savoury crumble topping.

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