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The allotment thread

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by deleted361, May 15, 2009.

  1. My friend who has limited space had a bountiful crop of spuds from several bags and highly recommends it.
    We`ve got several varieties chitting at the moment and if this blasted smow would end then we could get doen the lottie to do some digging [​IMG]
  2. Snow [​IMG]
  3. Oh! OK then. I'll give it a go.

    Oh! Gardner's World, Monty Don have a quick vid link
    Now, which garden centre do I go to for the little spuddies?
    Choices choices!
  4. I did / do like Monty.
    I believe they are changing (again) the format of GW. Be interesting what they will ruin next ?
    Oooooh shopping for veggies. I was hoping to get some peas planted up in polystyrene cups, since christmas, but haven`t thought it warm enough. I did this a few years back and they took, whereas the ones I planted in the ground just disappeared or were eaten.
    We`ve had for a few weeks some very small plug plants (more flowers tho) and they are going great guns.Only problem is we`re running out of windowsills to put them on ! We did this last year and saved loads on plants as they obviously cost more the more mature the plants.
    Looking forward to Countryfile tonight and on another note it`s light here now til 5pm. Makes things a little more bearable.
  5. I do peas and beans in half drain pipes, easy to plant out and very economical on greenhouse space.

    All my stuff went a bit leggy waiting for the ground to be ready last year, so I am hanging back a bit!
    That and I need to clean the greenhouse and I can't cos of the snow!
    I might grab some plug stuff for indoors... I had loads of lobelia last year, very economical.
    Actually, now I think of it, I have the trays and some seeds. I could DIY some before I go to work in the morning.
    Spring may well have sprung!!!!
  6. Yes the drainpipe thing is very good.
    I too started to early last year and threw out more than I succeeded with.
    I could do with a small greenhouse at home then it would be easier to keep an eye on the temperature, plus the little oiks couldn`t get to the parafin heater !! I always worry down at the lottie and we have to go down on a daily basis to check the heater. Not what you want to do in the cold and dark.

  7. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOo we`ve made 100 posts [​IMG]
  8. Just bought some dahlia bulbs and a box of mixed flower seeds to attract the birds and bees down the lottie. It`s been cold and drizzly here & what with trying to find tiles for the kitchen & doing the weekly shop we`ve not made it down the lottie today.
    Hopefully the forecast for tomorrow is wrong and it won`t be bitterly cold with snow ! Then we just might get down.
    There`s fun & games afoot if we can make it [​IMG] who says Westminster has all the fun.
  9. PlymouthMaid

    PlymouthMaid Occasional commenter

    Cold here but does feel a little springlike - need to get down there, dig a little and plant some broad beans.
  10. I came back from shopping and Climber has cleared the greenhouse for me - I knew I married him for some good reason [​IMG]
    I'm settling down with seed catalogues and also looking for something to replace the winter jasmine, I think it is definitely dead this time. Pity as it covers over half of the front of the house. Maybe a climbing old/musk rose this time!
    Still can't do anything with the beds, too claggy. And we didn't get the new flower bed cut, so I'll be doing that in stages over the year!
    Oh! joy of joy, planning and preparation I can use!
  11. Got down @ 10 this morning and didn`t come home til 1:30. It was cold but if you kept moving then it was ok.
    I`ve set up some shelving in the grn/hse and planted 2 lots of peas and some mangetout. Next time it`ll be the broad beanz.
    Some cheeky bgg*£ has stolen 2 plastic cloche lids and 2 plastic shelves, leaving the legs behind as they were hidden in the shed [​IMG] Next time I`ll go for a walk round, but it`s particularly distasteful as it`s going to be another plotholder. If it was the local scums they`d have smashed the lids to bits.
    Still it was great to be outside, the birds were tweeting away. O/H did some digging and we`ve covered 2 beds to warm them up. The tatties had arrived in the lottie shed shop and they`ll be out chitting. This time we`ve got Kestrel (v gd last yr) & trusty King Eds. We`ve got some more from the local B & Q but like to support the shop
    The winter onions are still small, but hopefully will catch up soon.
    Leaving the lovely ripe pong of newly delivered poo I`m off for a shower now.
    Hope you all can get out in the next week and fill those lungs.
  12. Greenhouse clean.
    Dead jasmine heavily cropped all dead bits removed - fingers crossed.
    All bits burning well.
    Seeds catalogues now being perused.
    Lots of plastic pots ready to go!
    It IS SPRING!!!!

    Honest [​IMG]
  13. Hurray peas and mang tout growing [​IMG]
    Lovely and sunny after the frosty start.
    BigMred got a really good fire going and we managed to get rid of all the fruit we`d cut back and the branches that had been dumped in our midden when the cemetery trees were pruned. Maybe they thought we weren`t coming back after our absence over the winter ?
    Greenhouse was lovely and snug.
    Strawbs haven`t made it tho, so a shopping trip is in order
    Actually took off my coat (only lest 3 jumpers etc) but that`s a result.
    Hope you`ve all amnaged to get outdoors and enjoy some productive time and some sunshine.
  14. I abandoned mine and they were extremely parched at one point, covered in snow for about a month some time later and have been frost bitten at least 5 times. They are still going strong! Weird things!

    Next weekend will be my seeding weekend, lots of greenhouse time, solar radio on, cups of tea ferried in.... bliss!
  15. Well maybe they`ve survived ?
    Still need some new ones tho. I`ve got to get some broad beanz too, thought I`d some left.
    Don`t forget your butties next week to go with the tea !
    Can`t wait for home grown toms to go with my cheese butties.

  16. RJR_38

    RJR_38 New commenter

    Just reading this thread makes me soooo jealous [​IMG] I'm still on the waiting list for my allotment (I live on a top floor flat with no balcony) although I should hopefully get one sometime in the next 12 months - fingers crossed!! Out of interest - how much a year/month do you pay for your plot? (I couldn't work out the pricing structure on the council site and just wanted a vague price of how many hundreds a year I cna expect to pay). Ta!
  17. PlymouthMaid

    PlymouthMaid Occasional commenter

    I only pay around £25 a year plus a fiver for water. It's only a half plot but I doubt it will be a fortune.
  18. We pay about £26 for a full plot (350 sq yards|) and a the mo the water is free.
    We pay to belong to an Allotment Society (I think about £5).
    We did have some equipment for hire, like lawn mowers and strimmers but the local scum broke in and stole them (2ce) so we`ve not replaced them again [​IMG]
    Hope you get your plot soon.
  19. RJR_38

    RJR_38 New commenter

    Ooh bargain! This was the price list:

    <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="4"><tr><td align="left">Category </td><td align="left">&pound; per m&sup2; (&pound;) </td><td align="left">&pound; per 100m&sup2; (four-rod) </td><td align="left">&pound; per 250m&sup2; (10-rod) </td></tr><tr><td align="left">1: Plot with water and council-provided shed. </td><td align="left">0.14
    </td><td align="left">14.20
    </td><td align="left">35.50
    </td></tr><tr><td align="left">2: Plot with water. </td><td align="left">0.11
    </td><td align="left">11.30
    </td><td align="left">28.25
    </td></tr><tr><td align="left">3: Plot only. </td><td align="left">0.08
    </td><td align="left">9.00
    </td><td align="left">22.50
    But I didn't know how many rods a normal size plot was. Feeling even more excited now I realise its cheeeeep!!
  20. PlymouthMaid

    PlymouthMaid Occasional commenter

    A 'council provided shed' - oooo now I am jealous.

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