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The allotment thread

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by deleted361, May 15, 2009.

  1. PlymouthMaid

    PlymouthMaid Occasional commenter

    I have just popped down to get some veg for the weekend (sweetcorn, courgette, runners, broad and french beans) and a neighbour told me that one of the older allotmenteers was giving up and we could help ourselves. Managed to get a dalek compost bin and a metal incinerator. Not sure whether to get some rhubarb plants or not as we have a few already and it takes up a lot of space.

  2. PlymouthMaid

    PlymouthMaid Occasional commenter

    Hello allotmenteers - has anyone been doing anything much? I have just pooped down for the first tome in three weeks and got some brussells, a cabbage, some chard, some rather weedey brocolli and a couple of lettuces. My broad bean are up and garlic and onions doing well. Leeks still not very thick though. Can't wait for Spring.
  3. I've been ignoring it, to my great shame. I think it's been about 3 weeks since I've looked. Apparently there was a raid last week and someone broke in to all of the sheds - probably looking for power tools, which I don't have - but I still haven't been to check the damage. It's so much harder to go when it's dark and muddy! Did finally get round to buying some onion sets, but I think it may be too late to plant them to overwinter - my early onions were a big success last year and mcuh admired. Not sure when I'll find the time to go, but thanks for reminding me to try to make this time.
  4. Went down today as I had a committee meeting.(hoped they`d sacked me [​IMG] ) I hadn`t been down since Sept (seems another lifetime) as I`d injured my foot. Poor old OH has been trying to keep things afloat. Just managed to tidy up the greenhouse, stacking all the empty trays and pots up. The cabbage / onions / leeks are all going strong. It was great to be outdoors even if it was raining.
    We too have suffered from the beggars who keep raiding our "secure" units, so now we`ve been left without any lawnmowers / strimmers etc. Good job it`s winter. It`s heartbreaking when we all try our best to keep the site neat and tidy and productive regarding produce. The council want to extend our site but wont provide a secure perimiter in the first instance. It`s madness.
    Glad to see the thread is still active.

  5. This week is the week.
    Plastic gloves and a face mask - I WILL process all of thise chillies!

    If I don't sign back in before Sunday lunch will someone come and rescue me, please?
  6. PlymouthMaid

    PlymouthMaid Occasional commenter

    Good luck with that Pobble. I need to go down this weekend and chain up my wheelbarrow before some troglodyte steals it.
  7. Lordy- what are you doing with the chillies The Pobble?

    Anyone use the no dig method?
    We have a new garden (and house- but this is about the important bit!) and it is quite large, flat, clayish soil, east facing, in the South west and basically just weeds and rough lawn. Was thinking about laying down cardboard and then a thickinsh layer of manure/compost and thin layer of top soil and leave for a few months to make a veg patch. Anyone tried this?
    Also where should i site my veg patch in the garden- maximum sunlight?

  8. Deseeding and zubbing them with a little olive oil for the freezer!

    As for your new garden - a few months will not do it! You will need to cover it for a whole year to be sure you have blighted and weakened all of the perennials.

    Cover it all up with whatever you have to hand and use boxes and bags/sacks for your first year - you can grow all sorts of salad crops in the boxes they are held in in the supermarket - about 3 inches deep and 12 inches square - grab them for free.
    Site on top of your covered ground, that way you can see if there is too much sun/shade and can move it before you have prepared it - you can just grass the 'wrong' bits.
    I did this 6 years ago and have just about got what I want out of the weed and wire infested ground we have - now we are fighting off the bunnies!
    I am not sure about the 'no dig' idea - although I use the 'girls' method (various female gardners do away with the macho difficulties of traditional male writers) that only digs portions of each plot in some years - according to rotation. I figure that every bit of ground will be dug over once every 4 years!
    Oh, I have slightly raised beds, - 1 metre wide, 2 metres long, with 1 plank depth of wall (we're considering raising each by one over the next 4 years for root veggies). This seems to drastically reduce the weeding etc.

    I LOVE my garden and miss it right now - I missed turning the beds over for winter - again! The weather turned too quickly/half term = Ofsted prep etc etc.
    Never mind, I'll do it in Feb/March again! All good fun!

    My biggest tip is buy a diary and write in everything you buy/do. Your memory just won't hold it all in!
  9. Thank you The Pobble for your long reply. I have got a diary so will remember to use it. Think i need to get going with the covering the weeds thing now then!

    Am getting excited about fruit bushes and imagining making jam. Yippeeee!
  10. Fruit is next on my list!
    My site is a bit exposed - lots of sun, wind etc. So I am considering patio plants - then I can move them, over winter them in a better spot!
    But I do like the idea of the new thornless raspberries.....
    I started off with easy to grow stuff, beans, peas, lettuce and other salad stuff - that way I had few failures and enjoyed it. Now I have grown all sorts of stuff (badly usually) and am playing with companion planting - tubs of flowers outside the cabbage netting will hopefully do the trck with flutterbys!

    And I am now planning for next year.... so I am planning again - using last years diary!

  11. Hi ladymarm
    Quite a few hints on personal "allotment" thread.
    You nwill have lots of enjoyment, disasters and I`m sure successes on your new patch.
    Welcome to GYO
  12. Mred and the pobble- thanks!
    Have been growing 'bits and bobs' for a couple of years now since i rented a Victorian House with ragged old glass prch. Frreeezing in winter but a great sun room for tomatoes in the summer. last year grew lots in planters on our rented patio.
    2010 is v exciting as we have our own garden at long last and plenty of room to experiment. Want to do some composting but scared of rats... I think we have mice in the loft as it is and i don't want to encourag them or disturb them if they nest in our heap. i know I would SCREAM!
  13. OK. January is close.
    Who's geared up for it?
    • Jeyes fluid - check
    • Clean fork, spade etc - check
    • Potting compost - erm.... soon!
    • Clean pots and greenhouse - soonish!
    • List of which beds to what with - check!
    • Warm boots, fingerless mittens etc - check
    • Best intentions - oh yes!
    Now, where did I leave those seed catalogues? [​IMG]
  14. PlymouthMaid

    PlymouthMaid Occasional commenter

    Was just thinking today that I need to prep the mini greenhouse and check the seed box to see what happens first. I can't wait for Spring.
    My daughter made me a scarecrow for Christmas but i amm a little concerned that he won't fit in the car to get to the allotment.
  15. OK. With the world outside being dark and dank I shall now start to look at the seed catalogues!
    Climber has just presented me with this years diary.... Carol Klein's journal published with the RHS - a great pressie.
    So now I am going to transfer the important info into it - like what bed gets what planted in it!

    Anyone have any suggestions about seed suppliers: Suttons, Fothergill, Garden Organic?
    I'm getting all excited!
  16. Minus 15 near us, don`t think I`ll be making the committee meeting in the shed shop this weekend !
  17. Minus 11 at 10 o clock this morning.
    I'm staying on front of the fire thinking about the veggie patch
  18. Just caught "Ideal World" selling fruit trees and it`s making me have itchy fingers.
    I`m not starting any seeds too early this year as they all went too leggy last year. I didn`t have anywhere, at home, to move them onto. That`s the problem with the greenhouse being down the lottie, it takes a lot of time and commitment to keep the heater going, not to mention fuel !
    The postie (also builder) did suggest building a small lean-to at the side of the house ................ now there`s a thought and an early birthday pressie idea [​IMG]
  19. I'm upping this so genabi can find it [​IMG]

    Potato question.

    I don't want to put spuds in the ground so I am thinking about growing them in a bag.
    Has anyone done this? All info gratefully received.

  20. I was in Wilkinsons the other day and they do the growbag for potatoes, toms, mushrooms.

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