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The age old question :) What to wear?? Primary PGDE interview

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by fairscotsmaiden, Feb 14, 2011.

  1. Hello there ladies... and laddies,
    Just thought I would interrupt proceedings with the age old question of:
    What is everyone wearing to the interview? lol
    Good Luck
  2. blazer, nice dress, nice heels and nice scarf
    good luck to you too [​IMG]
  3. i am thinking trousers, blazer, scarf, heels... i wonder if we will know each other lol x
  4. I went to mines in casual stuff. Boots, jeans etc, thought since it was a uni interview I wouldn't need to get suited and booted. Was the only one not wearing a suit. I didn't get in :p
  5. When I walked into the pre-interview room where we were all to gather before being put into our groups, I was overwhelmed by a mass of black and grey. It was like being at a funeral. Most people were either in suits or smart casual. I took my suit jacket off as I thought they might remember me for wearing a bit of colour, I had a long sleeved teal coloured top on underneath along with a toning necklace. I got in, might not have had anything to do with it, but it made me feel really confident next to all that grey and black!
    Good Luck!
  6. I wore a tulip shaped skirt, a pinky sleeveless blouse and black tights with white lovehearts on them - decided it would be better to stand out rather than blend in wearing a business suit!
    I got in, so perhaps my fancy tights swung it in my favour? :)

    Good Luck!
  7. Yes, a common error. Applicants think they're applying for a one-year (or four-year) university course - you ARE NOT. This is an interview that opens the gate to a profession that will last you 40 years. It is therefore your first job interview, and should be treated as such.
  8. I too decided not to blend in with all the black and grey, I wore a mustard coloured dress with black leggings and purple pumps. Im not a businessy dress type person, but my outfit was still smart and I felt so much more comfortable than I would have if i'd been dressed up in clothes that arent "me".

    Still waiting to hear back so no idea if it went in my favour or against me!!

  9. Better to be overdressed than too casual.

    You should consider it a job interview.
    I would never have dreamt of going to my interview in anything other than a suit!

    However...i do not own a black or grey suit! You don't have to be boring! :)

    Just make sure you dress smart:
    • Skirts should not be above the knee (or at least not by very much!)
    • Blouses/shirts/tops should not be low cut!
    • Clean hair and no over-the-top make-up
    • Suit with a tie (or at least a shirt and tie with smart trousers)
    • Clean, smart shoes
    • Clean hair
    I applied the same rule to this university interview as I did when I applied for my first job out of my undergraduate degree.


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