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The Actual Book Club

Discussion in 'Book club' started by peggylu, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. peggylu

    peggylu Star commenter

    Yeah. I rolled my eyes a bit at that part. I suppose it was to show they he was willing to lose his life rather than risk spooking Brady with the sirens of an emergency vehicle arriving.
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  2. peggylu

    peggylu Star commenter

    Ohhh. What a great way to describe it. Yes, the ending was clever- 'you must read the next book' material. Not daft is he, that SK.
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  3. peggylu

    peggylu Star commenter

    Christine has always been one of my favourites. Read it when it first came out and I remember it it really nestling uncomfortably under my skin, as a scary tale should. Didn't like Cujo though - weird.
  4. peggylu

    peggylu Star commenter

    New book title suggestions needed from Monday onwards. Get your thinking caps on everyone.

    I've also just remembered @Flere-Imsaho I promised to @ you when it was coming up to the time for new book suggestions. While I'm doing this I'll just @ @lanokia too as he mentioned he may join in on the next one and might want to suggest a title too. :)

    We said we would chat about Mr Mercedes over this weekend (some people are just finishing it off today) and then start getting some new book ideas in so that any title suggestions don't get buried or lost among posts about the current SK book.

    So if you've a title you think might be a good one for us all to delve into over next month (or maybe 6/7 weeks? - some may appreciate a later end date with school starting next month and lots of new term workload to contend with) please do suggest it.

    In the meantime any more comments about Mr Mercedes or Mr King?

    Loved it? Hated it? Meh? :D
  5. Motherofchikkins

    Motherofchikkins Star commenter

    Finished! :D

    I found it slow to get into at first. I had a feeling that the characters that I was developing a fondness for in the first chapter weren't going to last too long, but still felt cheated when my suspicions were correct :p

    I used to love SK years ago - Salem's Lot is one of the most terrifying books that I've ever read (I still remember my flatmate knocking the door when i was reading the scene about digging up the coffin - I screamed :eek::eek:)

    Then I went off him or just lost interest, so it was interesting returning to him years later. I found some of his use of language a tad annoying. His way of creating a sense of time and place by using American brand names (constant references to La-Z-Boy etc) was starting to annoy me - it seemed like an unnecessary affectation and I would have got a better visual image if he'd simply said "battered beer-stained couch" or something - but then the story line picked up and I couldn't put it down. Have already checked - my library has the next two. I've started so I'll finish....... :):):)

    I enjoyed the characters of Hodges and Janey, and the online interplay between Hodges and Brady, but found Holly a bit unbelievable (could maybe have worked if she'd been portrayed as being younger?), Brady a bit stereotyped (I've read a crime novel recently with a psychopath who had a similar relationship with his mother)... but overall yes, I'm glad I read it.

    Anyway, I'm also hungover having had two nights out in a row, seeing OH's band, an ex-students gig and celebrating my new job :D:D:D, so forgive my somewhat scattered thoughts :)
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  6. secretsiren

    secretsiren Star commenter

    So none of us were completely convinced by Holly's character...interesting. I do like the idea of having a hero-type character with mental health issues though, and I liked the fact that Holly pulls herself together more as the novel continues and becomes a more nuanced character. If I'm allowed to say, I found her more believable in the subsequent novels.

    @Motherofchikkins - I had a similar thing with SK. I read quite a bit about 15 years ago and then had a really long break. 'Mr Mercedes' was the first King book I've read in ages and ages. I love 'The Stand'. I cried like an absolute buffoon at one particular bit involving Stu.
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  7. peggylu

    peggylu Star commenter

    I think it's worth it just to get a more indepth viewpoint of the characters. I think the storytelling gets better too.

    I think that's what actually made the novel for me. At its heart it was pure good v evil wasn't it.

    Sounds fantastic fun. I've been cleaning & clearing out cupboards/wardrobes for two days :(

    Yes, I agree. It worked really well. In fact the 3 main 'good guys' Holly, Bill and Jerome seem to have been deliberately written to be as different to one another as possible. Brave move on SK's part really. He has a big enough fan base that he has no need to experiment with his style, and yet he's still trying new ideas. I admire that.

    On Holly...

    Me too. In fact her character becomes so interesting and fully rounded that I think he could successfully write a spin off series of PI novels with her running an agency.

    Overall I'd give the stand alone book a 6.5/10 but probably up that to an 8/10 when read as part of the whole trilogy. That's because the base events in Mr Mercedes are expertly linked and interwoven in the subsequent books to create broader and intriguing new themes. Over the 3 books SK develops depth and layers to the overall tale that I really enjoyed.
  8. peggylu

    peggylu Star commenter

    Hope everyone has had a lovely Bank Holiday Monday. The weather has been glorious hasn't it, I've been out for the day with family. :)

    It has been interesting to read what everyone thought of Mr Mercedes over the weekend.

    If anyone has title suggestions for our next read then post them over the next few days and we can all collectively decide which one we would like to go for and if we want to choose any as future reads

    I'm really looking forward to reading other people's choices, maybe something I wouldn't have ever picked out for myself. :)
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  9. frangipani123

    frangipani123 Lead commenter

    Haven't read any Stephen King before but I have enjoyed reading this though it took a while to get into. Certainly a bit eerie that it covers such current topics. Not quite at the end yet - I do struggle to read fiction for some reason - but am gradually getting there. Can relate to the Hodges character in some ways, found some of the Americanisms difficult to get. I would be interested in the other books in the trilogy.

    Book suggestions - mine would be 'A Sense of an Ending' by Julian Barnes. I have a copy, it's short (!) and they've just released a film which reminded me of it. Be interested to hear other people's ideas.
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  10. galerider123

    galerider123 Lead commenter

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  11. galerider123

    galerider123 Lead commenter

    If people could give a link to Amazon or somewhere for their book, we could have a look at books that we might not know?
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  12. galerider123

    galerider123 Lead commenter

  13. peggylu

    peggylu Star commenter

    Good idea.
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  14. Motherofchikkins

    Motherofchikkins Star commenter

    I don't mind what we read either :)

    OH has just finished Joanne Harris "Different Class" and said that as an (ex) teacher I'd find it brilliant, so it's on my 'to-read pile' anyway, but I'll try anything.


    @secretsiren - I'll try "The Stand" I've just ordered the other two books from the Mr. Mercedes trilogy from the local library, so I'll read those first. My to-read pile is getting larger and larger.

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  15. lizziescat

    lizziescat Star commenter

    As a non member, can I just say, I've really emnjoyed reading the reviews. One day, I'll even get round to joining and reading the book. Meanwhile, I've just realised it's my RL book club next week and I haven't started the book yet and I'm a slow reader:eek:

    So many interesting recommendations which I must put on my 'to read' list
  16. peggylu

    peggylu Star commenter

    Thanks @lizziescat we would love to have you join in when we are reading a book you fancy the sound of :).
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  17. peggylu

    peggylu Star commenter

    Thanks for some great ideas so far, I've read the blurb on each one and they all sound interesting. Like others, I'm happy to go with any of them.

    Shall we say the cut off day for any further suggestions is the end of this Friday, then we can either collectively make a final decision over the weekend. If we find we just can't decide I was thinking of inviting an impartial but regular TES poster to pick for us from our list of titles. Is that just silly or an idea you could all go with?

    We can also decide on how long we will give ourselves to complete the next book (I'm hoping for a bit longer than a month if no one objects. I know what my first two weeks of term will be like workload wise :().

    So, to list them altogether, title suggestions so far include:

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  18. Motherofchikkins

    Motherofchikkins Star commenter

    Have you read any of the Harry Bingham books with the main character of Fiona Griffiths? I've read the first two and thoroughly enjoyed them :)

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  19. Motherofchikkins

    Motherofchikkins Star commenter

    I have ordered 'A Sense of an Ending' from the library, and already have "Different Class' and "Perfect" so am more than halfway ready.:D

    The library doesn't have Tin Man, but they do have other books by Sarah Winman and if I ask them nicely they might buy it - They are always open to suggestions :)

    We could put a poll on Personal on Friday maybe? :)
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  20. Motherofchikkins

    Motherofchikkins Star commenter

    Ditto :):):)
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