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The 70s

Discussion in 'Personal' started by robyn147, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. Seems to be a lot of stuff about it at the moment probably due to the drought. I was born in 1970 so only real memories are from the mid 70s.
    Have good memories - school was fine, don't seem to remember much pressure from the teachers. We had a holiday camping in France but think most were in Cornwall. Enjoyed shows like Bagpuss, Playschool and Jackanory on the telly. Memories of prawn cocktails, chicken in a basket and Black Forest Gateau.
    Went to live in Cyprus for 4 years when I was 7 so the late 70s was completely different for me. Dad was in Forces so no 3 day week for him.
    I do like seeing old shows like The Good life - especially the clothes.
    Very different from today but enjoyable for a child.
  2. catmother

    catmother Star commenter

  3. I liked the 70s- I got my degree, my first job and first girlfriend. I was never cold or hungry and people had more spirit and solidarity.
  4. I loved the 70s - proper winters, proper summers, the three day week (great only going to school for 3 days!), glam rock, punk rock, daft clothes, playing outside all the time cos there was no TV & no computer.
  5. BelleDuJour

    BelleDuJour Star commenter

    I did my O and A levels in the 70s. My formative years [​IMG]
  6. A good decade for me. Left home, went to London, started working, spent rather a lot of time drunk or hungover......large gap in memory then got maried and had children. I loved the 70s.
  7. I did my A levels in the 70s, trained to be a teacher, got my first teaching post and also met my husband-to-be on a night out. I also had my first foreign holiday..my first time in a plane.
    Good times...lots of parties, lots of carefree teenage/early twenties fun. I wore bright orange and lime green tent dresses, bell bottoms, lots of cheesecloth and jeans and had long blonde hair. I painted lots then too. Fond memories.
    The only thing that marred that decade was the death of my Dad.
  8. Well, I was born in the 70s, but still have clear memories. Summers seemed hotter than now, and my mother had the most amazing angel-sleeved red evening dress ( I found one very similar on Ebay recently...)

    The primary school we went to in Plymouth where my father was stationed had a lovely outdoor swimming pool. I remember coming first in my primary 4 swimming race. Happy days.
  9. lindenlea

    lindenlea Star commenter

    A good decade for me too in many ways; first job,met and married husband, lived in a lovely place, had a baby. But mustn't forget the fire in our flat during a power cut, the emotional turmoil of some relationships, the first home that turned into a nightmare because of neighbours and the fact I was terrified of being a mum. I'll never forget those great purple velvet flares though and I also have happy memories of cheesecloth and Laura Ashley smock dresses.
  10. I remember buying my first pair of Gucci shoes - the classic shoe with the gold bar around the heel and they cost........£17. mind you, I was only earning £14 a week so took some saving for.
  11. modelmaker

    modelmaker Occasional commenter

    Believe it or not...
    In the early 70s, one of the members of the folk band I was in worked as a resident clerk in the MOD in Whitehall. His job entailed picking up messages sent from the armed forces, logging them and passing them to the relevant people. The resident part of his job title meant he had an appartment in the building so he would be available to work his shift without unexpected travelling delays.
    It wasn't uncommon for us to make our way back to his pad after a boozy gig to party. Security never stopped us entering, despite the fact we'd had a skinful and were dressed like anarchists. In fact, I often wore an ex-RAF greatcoat with sergeant's stripes below a Sergeant Pepper badge. He just signed himself in with 4 visitors. No security checks.
    I wonder if it's just as casual these days?
  12. phatsals

    phatsals Established commenter

    VERY EARLY 70s
    Yaay - the bright orange Chopper bike.
    Bananasplits on the telly
    Homework by storm lamp/candlight
    Ross frozen pancakes
    The Osmonds
    Jackson 5
    Maxi skirts
    Purple and orange everywhere
    Platform shoes and tank tops (for the boys)
    Vietnam war
    Mass protests
    Death of Grammar schools (in the main)

    Ooh so much more.
  13. gargs

    gargs Star commenter

    Decimalisation - took me a long time to understand that my sixpence pocket money really could buy the same amount of sweets as two and a half new pence.
  14. i was working in a firm that had its own generator for the other 2 days - bah!
    and we all got re-graded so that the firm could ignore the equal pay act and still pay those of us with 2 x chromosomes less
    but oh, i loved the clothes, the make up, my ridiculously long nails painted improbable colours, the music played by guys who wore camp clothes and eye make up and still looked like they'd wandered in from a building site
    and for those of us who were of age in the 70's - ah, but i draw a veil over that......
  15. thebigonion

    thebigonion New commenter

    My overwhelming memory of the 1970s was that it was summer. I was born in 73, so my first memories are largely of the long summers of 76 and 77 - generally centred around either Aberystwyth or our back garden in SE London...
  16. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    I was certainly glad when Punk Rock came along around 1976 - that and the Ska revival shortly afterwards. Let's be honest Glam Rock was pretty ****, even though many of us fake nostalgia for it in old age ;-)

    Memorable things for me were:

    The power cuts (doing Homework by candle light)

    Watching Morecambe and Wise as a family on a Sunday

    Watching 'The Sweeney' with my Dad

    Ditching the paper round and getting my first proper job working among adults

    Doing OK at 'O' Levels but b*ggering up my 'A' Levels and having to re-take them outside school while working

    My appalling haircut, rampant acne, hopeless dress sense and lame attempts at dating. Fortunately early in 1980 Mrs MSB rescued me from all that and we've been together ever since. The female population must have breathed a sigh of relief when she finally took me off the streets.

    Discovering alcohol in the time-honoured Sixth Form/Student fashion, then staggering back after closing time for The Old Grey Whistle Test.

    Dabbling with computers for the first time, (as early as 1978) and playing on Binatone game consoles after the pub.

    Recording tracks off the Sunday night Top Twenty on the radio because I couldn't afford to buy records.

    Getting our first colour telly for the Silver Jubilee in 1977.

    Getting my flares constantly snagged in my bike chain and covered in oil.
  17. As the daughter of factory workers, the early 70s were the time when my family moved to decent housing that was reasonably heated. In the 60s and 70s I was able to get a good, grammar school education and, thanks to a full grant, go to University.
  18. On the flip side, though, there were: kipper ties, shirts with wide lapels, party sevens, toast toppers, and clothes made out of hideously scratchy, static-charged, synthetic material.
  19. I got the cane for not doing my homework because of the power cuts. I also had my first job serving petrol. I was paid, in petrol, at the rate of a gallon an hour.
  20. Went camping to Borth in 1976. It is little remembered but it lashed it down with rain in September 76. Sadly we went in September!

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