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That time of year again....6 weeks 'fat busting!'

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by Waterfin, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. Every year I imagine being totally focused, being really healthy and returning to work smaller and healthier to lots of compliments.
    Two years ago I did it. I joined a well known slimming club, stuck with it and went back to school feeling good about myself. Slowly over the last 2 years I've let it slip so I'm back to it come Wednesday!

  2. Good luck your positivity is very encouraging. I hope to do the same...well healthy eating and going to the gym everyday...I have a stone to loose but more than anything would like some tone back and then plan a weekend in London to buy new clothes!!
  3. I want to do this!!

    Although I'm not overweight, I am heavier than normal, and desperately need to tone up/ be healthier/ drink more water/ do more exercise.... the only problem is that i start all guns blazing then after a few days i lose motivation- how on earther do I stick at it?!

    best of luck!!

  4. That will lose you more than a few pounds.

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