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Thank you again for your advice!

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by Emmylou717, Jun 24, 2011.

  1. Just a quick message to say thank you for all the kind advice that was given to me a few weeks ago with regards to my GTP interviews.

    I am pleased to say that the lesson I taught on area and volume went brilliantly considering it was my first ever lesson!

    I am even more pleased to say that I have got the placement I wanted so will be starting my GTP in Maths in September :)

    I just wondered if there are any bits of equipment that it would be wise for me to get together prior to me starting?

    Thank you again. :D
  2. arsinh

    arsinh New commenter

    Nice one.
    Get some giant playing cards.
  3. Buy lots of files and start 'creating' you 33Q standads (assuming it is still 33?) in you summer off. You would be supised how many can be done without stepping into a classroom.
    The most important think to buy is time and that is something you dont get much of prio to a year of feeling every emotion going. One is universal though....tiredness.
    Don't spend money on gimmicks for classroom teaching yet as if your initial lessons are based on an unsustainable playground act then you <u>may</u> struggle later down the line.
  4. afterdark

    afterdark Occasional commenter

    I suggest finding out what the schol already has first.
    Then go down a list of things that could be used.
    Giant Playing Cards [someone has already mentioned these, there are giant and giant. Hawkins Bazaar is &uuml;ber cool for fun stuff.
    Hawkin's Bazaar have absolutely massive playing cards but they are about 10 quid or more.
    Great for higher or lower, can be seen right across the room.

    I recommend a labelling machine.
    <u>I urge you start labelling your own property with your name and the words "personal property".</u>
    Over the years I have met quite a few colleagues who never bring in anything of their own and assume that everything belings to the school. It helps steer them away from trying to claim your stuff.
    Magnetix is great stuff but it is quite pricey.
    A set of small screwdrivers is handy for taking the backs of calculators.
    Plasplug battery tester too.

    A pack of babywipes is very handy.
    Sealable Freezer bags can be very useful in different ways.

    But whatever suits you really.
    Try and get the school to have in as much as possible.
    In an ideal world we wouldn't have to buy stuff ourselves, but it is not an ideal world is it?
    Know when to stop giving of yourself.
    Strike the right balance.
    If there are any more questions then please ask.
    Finally, good luck.
  5. Thanks everyone!

    I will be spending a couple of days a week at school for the rest of the term so I will be able to see what they have etc. I think the school is fairly well stocked with lots of different things.

    Betamale, I wish I had time, I am currently writing my PhD thesis which I am hoping to submit in mid August.
  6. I'm another vote for the "don't buy anything" side. You won't know what to buy until you start to discover your own teaching style, what the school has, what kids you're teaching etc. Besides, money is nearly always tight at the early stage of your career and I always try to find the money for bits & pieces trainees and new teachers want to buy. If you must prepare in some way I advise you making you sure you have somewhere nice to work at home, with perhaps some empty storage ready for use.

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