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Thailand visa. Is this true???

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by GoldenBuddha, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. There is a school advertising at the minute and it states that Thai visas are not given to anybody who doesn't have a minimum of 3 years teaching experience.
    Is this true?
    minimum of three
    consecutive years teaching experience. These are requirements that a foreign national wishing to work as teacher in Thailand must
    fulfill in order to
    obtain a work permit. In light of this we are sorry to say that NQTs
    (Newly Qualified Teachers) should not apply.

    Also if anyone can give an opinion on the school that would be great. Google the text above and the school comes up.

  2. Thanks Chumly.

    Do you know the school?


  3. aridion

    aridion New commenter

    I know of the school. A teaching colleague at my previous school in Bangkok now teaches there. She seems quite happy.
    However, I have never heard of needing 3 years experience to get a work permit in Thailand. A load of baloney in my view.
  4. I had a work permit and visa when i was unqualified as a teacher, although that was few years ago and the regulations have been tightened up since then, but only in the sense that they now require a degree.

    Put it this way; If those regulations were enforced literally thousands, maybe tens of thousands of EFL teachers nationwide would be unemployed tomorrow, and pretty much every English programme in every Thai government school would close down the same day.

    If you have a degree and a teaching certificate you can get a work permit and non-immigrant 'B' visa, end of story. Anyone who tells you otherwise is talking out of their bottom.
  5. nemo.

    nemo. Occasional commenter

    Officially true as such - and they are being enforced more. it is the teaching cert that required for the visa not directly the visa.

    But as in Asia cash talks...... and many schools just bribe someone at immi (seen it done!)
  6. aridion, any idea about conditions/pay at the mentioned school?? You say a previous colleague worked there?
  7. Very true. Some schools are quite resourceful: know of one school with campuses in two cities (bit of a giveaway there...) that wanted a teacher with a NZ early years diploma at one to say she worked at the other to get the visa. Perhaps the 'tea money' by the seaside was charged at a lower rate?
  8. aridion

    aridion New commenter

    Sorry about the late reply. I haven't been on here for a while. As far as I know they pay around 80 k a month plus accommodation allowance.

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