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Thailand/Vietnam/Malaysia schools to avoid??

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by susanneverth, Feb 12, 2018.

  1. susanneverth

    susanneverth New commenter

    I've read a few threads on here about 'that school' in Bangkok that's best to avoid but it's not named.

    Would anyone be able to pm me details of the best schools and ones to definitely avoid please??
  2. schmedz

    schmedz Occasional commenter

    I suggest you invest that USD29 in an annual *** subscription...
  3. tjh102

    tjh102 Occasional commenter

    I would say that it is very subjective. One person's opinion probably wouldn't help. There is a school in Bangkok that is very highly regarded but I wouldn't ever want to teach at. My current school, I absolutely adore but the salary is a joke (it is half the salary of my previous post but I just fell in love with the school). My previous school... I would avoid it like the plague. Noone has ever heard of it, but they do advertise on TES.
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  4. grdwdgrrrl

    grdwdgrrrl Occasional commenter

    One thing that I have become aware as I look at school jobs in Bangkok is the very skewed student populations in many of them. Plus many new schools are opening with the direct intent of catering to the local community, which is fine. However, there becomes a huge challenge with the amount of EAL kids, more than 50% in a KS2 classroom can be detrimental to the progress of all. Also, if you bring your own children into such a homogeneous environment they can struggle to integrate.
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  5. masty88

    masty88 New commenter

    Hi, do you know anything about an international school in Hua Hin? Please could you PM me with any info? Thanks :)
  6. Helen-Back

    Helen-Back Occasional commenter

    The Hua Hin school is fairly new and quite small from what I saw. It is on black mountain (I think). There is a compound of small villas next to it and a water park. Other than that it seemed a bit isolated. Probably a 20 minute drive down to the beach.
  7. masty88

    masty88 New commenter

    Thanks Helen. Anyone have any other information? I assume that the school is a third tier one? Is it okay as one's first experience of an international school to get on the international circuit? Anyone know whether Hua Hin is an expensive area to live in? Thanks
  8. Helen-Back

    Helen-Back Occasional commenter

    No, not expensive. I like hua hin. We actually go there a couple of times a year and stay in an airbnb. It has good access to shopping and markets. If you're into driving you can get to a lot of great place for cheap prices....which youll probably need because your salary will likely be fairly low. Pm me if you want.
  9. tjh102

    tjh102 Occasional commenter

    Hua Hin is a nice little beach area. It is the weekend getaway from Bangkok. My old head used to say the Hua Hin school looked like it was on the right track. But it is quite isolated... The school is a little way out of Hua Hin and Hua Hin is quite a way from Bangkok.
  10. roamingteacher

    roamingteacher Established commenter Forum guide

    Sign up to searchassociates and you can check all the details in their database. I wouldn't say getting hired through Search is a guarantee of a good school, but I'd say the calibre (on average) probably beats most recruitment sites.
  11. schmedz

    schmedz Occasional commenter

    The Hua Hin school is indeed very small but with an international population reflecting the majority ex-pat ownership at the golf course on which it's situated. Lovely area but nowhere close to a city, if that's the lifestyle you're after. You'd need to own a car.
    Just got back this afternoon from staying in one of the villas next door! There were kids in school even though ours in on half-term - perhaps they have different breaks, or follow the Thai school year. Sorry I don't know anything of use about the school itself, but in general International Schools situated on golf courses don't tend to have the best academic reputations...
  12. makhnovite

    makhnovite Established commenter

    I am always a bit concerned about any school in a tourist area, Pattaya, Phuket, Bali, et al. They will usually be small, they often attract the wrong sort of teachers and of course they can attract the wrong sort of parent! The students are often the children of bar owners who are more concerned with their own lives and making a buck than they are with their kids education - but of course this is all the result of my own prejudices!
  13. willow78

    willow78 Occasional commenter

    Well you couldn't be more wrong about a school I worked at in Pattaya.

    It was a good size, had some great teachers, including lots of families, parents were a total range and very supportive.
  14. schmedz

    schmedz Occasional commenter

    I know the school willow refers to and he's right - definitely not small, wide range of nationalities, and some outstanding teaching staff members! With the newest Pattaya school, I anticipate makhnovite's perception is even further off the mark.

    That said, there are plenty of dodgy 'international' schools all over Asia - they are the ones who tend to pay the least, don't insist on qualified teachers and are set up to make money for the owner who wants to enhance their reputation as a 'supporter of Education' but has no idea what good education is about!
  15. masty88

    masty88 New commenter

    Thanks for your comments everyone, very helpful. :)

    What sort of salary could one expect from the smaller international schools such as the one in Hua Hun?

    They haven't advertised this on their website, they just mention a pay scale & that a net salary is paid.

    Thanks again
  16. MEn4

    MEn4 New commenter

    Hi, Can you elaborate any more (or possibly PM me)? I ask because I am currently trying to relocate myself and my family to Thailand and all experience/ ideas/ advice welcome! TIA x
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  17. makhnovite

    makhnovite Established commenter

    Maybe things have changed but I was on a conference in Bangkok a few years ago visiting from Vietnam. I met up with several staff from a well known school in Pattaya. The Head of PE had a mistress he kept in an apartment in BK and would drive up to see her on weekends. What he didn't know was that the young lady also had two or three other guys paying for her apartment and upkeep.

    At the same school the Head of Music was chatting to us at a break in the meetings and he turned to me in a rather unsavory way and asked; "So what are the chicks like in Vietnam then?"

    I am sure these are just isolated incidents and not at all representative of all schools in Pattaya but some of the smaller resorts don't have a clientele that is mainly middle and upper middle class Thai parents but Farang bar owners and other kinds of chancers, who are there to make money and don't really care what there children are doing most of the time. I also have friends who have experienced quite serious discipline and behaviour problems in their schools for similar reasons.

    As schmedz says good and bad schools all over!
  18. schmedz

    schmedz Occasional commenter

    Crikey!!! Now I want to know which one....
  19. kemevez

    kemevez Occasional commenter

    *didn't know*

    Would it have been better if he had turned to you in a savoury way?
    Helen-Back likes this.
  20. makhnovite

    makhnovite Established commenter

    It is difficult to get across in a few words how slimey this guy was and the leer in his voice was most unpleasant, and of course I didn't want to bore the readers. I was just trying to explain my unease at some of the schools, teachers and parents that can be attracted to beach resorts in many countries not just Pattaya. In fact another very unsavoury ex-colleague is off to Phuket next year, but its OK he will probably get locked up or deported fairly quickly.

    *didn't know* - of course he may have known and didn't care, he was the weekend guy after all!

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