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Thailand salaries and allowances

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by tassiegirl, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. So one of the schools I am considering applying to has its package quite well laid out.
    Is 27500 thai baht a month (about £640) sufficient for a single to live in reasonable comfort?
    And for a teacher with current management roles going for a job in senior school without any responsibilties and 8 years experience, what is the ball park salary I could be expecting?
  2. that is a very poor salary. I would not work for less than £1200. Even the British Council pays around £1300.
  3. Sorry, that is the housing allowance for a single. I forgot to type that!
    I was wondering what the salary would be on top of that?!?
  4. Oops, so doing the maths, a minimum of 50000 baht a month plus allowances?
    I wouldn't be living a complete expat lifestyle, mainly as I'm not a massive drinker and I like cooking and would be willing to adapt many local foods.
    Travel and saving would be quite high on my lists. Though, don't get me wrong, I won't be a nun!
  5. ejt


    If it's the school I'm thinking of, which has that exact housing allowance, then yes you'd probably be getting around 50,000 baht a month, but also the sterling salary of about 800 quid paid into your UK bank account. 50,000 is plenty to live on and you can save the rest!
  6. percy topliss

    percy topliss Established commenter

    A little research perhaps? A doctor in a state hospital in Thailand earns about 30000 Bt a month, a policeman just 1000. This is why the police are always trying to stop expats for non existent problems and on the spot fines.
    The school I work at is by no means at the top of the league but neither is it at the bottom. I get about 130K Bt a month including my housing allowance which after tax comes down to about 105K. This works out at about 2250 Pounds a month. In Thailand this puts me into the "positively loaded} bracket. The average daily wage in Bangkok is just170Bt a day. If I want to stay at the Shangri La and dine at Angelinis then I can. I am lucky in that my wife is also a teacher so between us we pull down a hefty amount and send a lot home whilst still living a great life.
    One final thing, lots of people put on this forum "if you want to live like an expat......." as if this is something to be looked down upon. Well to be honest I DO, thats why I came out here.I suppose I could live like a Thai on rice and chicken gizzards, rat on a stick washed down with local whisky but why should I? I am not Thai, I very much doubt if the people who run your local Thai restaurant survive on pie and Peas or the Chinese takeaway round the corners staff on jellied eels! I bow to people with social consciences as big as the Forth bridge but I do wish they wouldn't be so pious and stick it down my throat...
    Anyway one more week off so its down to the Sheraton tonight for a slap up meal, Tassie if you want specific advice about schools send me a PM.

  7. cityfree

    cityfree New commenter

    Excellent points there. Enjoy the Sheraton [​IMG].

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