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Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by noelanirose, Mar 7, 2012.

  1. Just discussing some ideas for printing onto textiles. Have basic screen printing available but have only printed using acrylic mixed with the acrylic print medium. Sometimes this fixes and sometimes it washes away, anyone know why? Whats the best way to avoid this or is there a ready made product for screen that definately works, Help please its for an A level piece, many thanks
  2. I'm in no way a textiles specialist but I do enjoy incorporating textiles into some RM lessons. Depending on your budget, it may be worth considering a sublimation printing press. Very easy to use and the design is printed onto medium gloss paper using a standard inkjet printer. Obviously the equipment comes with a price tag however, I do know of many small companies that use these for personal mugs, t-shirts, mouse mats etc...
    Hope that helps?
  3. Lucieb40

    Lucieb40 New commenter

    Try a heat fix paint. I used one during my degree and it really has great staying power and can be used with screens.
    You should try Pebeo's Setacolor (http://en.pebeo.com/Creative-leisure/Embellish-the-fabrics/Setacolor) - Hearts educational Supplies stock it.

    Hope this helps!
  4. are both fabrics ready to dye fabrics?
    what are the fabric types...cotton/polyester cotton etc.

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