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Textiles Scheme of work at KS3 ????

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by sophieblinstrub, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. sophieblinstrub

    sophieblinstrub New commenter

    we are two art teachers who are teaching Textiles next year and want to get a feel for how other schools run their course - do you use booklets? If so, how much written work is involved? would anyone mind sharing good practice with us? We would just like to see how other schools do it. Our year 7s are on 10-14 week rotations with us per term. We have a large room with about 20 sewing machines.
    if anyone could help us/get in touch we would appreciate it.
    Thank you!!!
  2. curljo

    curljo New commenter

    Hi Sophie,

    It may be a little late now as the start of term in looming, but I teach textiles and would happily share/discuss my lessons and resources with you.


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