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Textiles Revision Guides

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by specky4eyes, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. Hi, what are the best Textiles revision guides to use with AQA using the new spec.
  2. Hi, what are the best Textiles revision guides to use with AQA using the new spec.
  3. Im having to pick this up in my new job and there is only really past papers to revise from and the specomen one from AQA. I dont thin anyone has brought out a new revision guide that i'm aware of. Its basically the same information that has been taught just with the Higher and Foundation questions put together.
    Hope that helps.
  4. There are at least 2 revision guides from different companies for the new specs. CGP have ones for both AQA and OCR and sent me a free copy of each. I do OCR but the AQA one looked good to me. It also comes with a work book.

    I think you should be able to get free copies of CGP and others which are available and then you can chose with your own students in mind.

    PS are you enjoying the new AQA spec. I used to teach AQA years ago and wonder how different you are finding CAs from CW. Have you found the students have had enough time to do all the board expect of them in the time?

    I like doing 2 projects with OCR but I'm not thet keen on having to mark 2 diferent pieces one for year 10 and one for year 11 over the next month or two! Also having to get year 10 to prepare for an exam as well as year 11 but I think overall there are positives and negatives to each.
  5. Hi
    The new spec seems very simular teo the old one just more modeling and they are trying to cut out all the research some pupils do. The exam seems alot harder than before though for the average c cadinte pupil. As they have got rid of the foundation and higher paper. Now just

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