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Textiles project recycling

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by Paula Bell, Jun 19, 2010.

  1. Hi
    Thinking of changing my Year 9 project to recycling and wondered if anyone had any brilliant resources/suggestions. My basic idea is the pupils bring something they no longer use and make it into something else!
  2. Hi
    Thinking of changing my Year 9 project to recycling and wondered if anyone had any brilliant resources/suggestions. My basic idea is the pupils bring something they no longer use and make it into something else!
  3. lapinrose

    lapinrose Star commenter

    What about bringing in their clothes they no longer wear/out of fashion or charity shop buys, swapping them round and making into something new. Could be clothes or cushion covers etc.
  4. How about sock monkeys/sock creatures using the stupid sock creature book for inspiration.
    Also Generation T - a book that gives 100 ways to up-cycle t-shirts.
    threadbanger.com is an amazing resource, look at past episodes for inspiration (be careful the knickers from a plaid shirt are a little saucy for school projects!)

    Have fun.
  5. maybe not year nine but I'm redoing this myself this year as sustainability is on the scene, it makes sense to address it lower down the school.
    I make 'crazy bins' with fleeces or old jumpers - ideally stretchy fabric. The jumper becomes a sleeve with a casing at the top and bottom, forming a cylinder that is elasticated at the top and bottom. This is then put around a catering size can from the canteen - beans or tomatoes. Spray the inside and underneath with car spray. how inventive they are depends on the imagination but they cna make arms and gonk like feet, ears, noses, trunks ect. One kid used the hood from the hoodie to make a sort of lid and another added a backboard to turn it into a small basketball goal. there a 3 straight bits of stictching but it does teach measuring up and pattern making. I also got them to make their own plastic eyes from coloured plastc bleach and conditioner or shapoo bottles - cut iwth kitchen scissors. great fun and the kids enjoyed it.
    I have an apron project that enables them to copy and then modify an existing pinny or apron, cutting their own pattern and other templates for pockets etc. We are given loads of leftover fabrics every few months and it is good to make something with it. It is up to them who it is for - themselves, baby brother etc. I also teach them how to make bias binding so learning all the basic skills without having to do too much sewing at this stage.
  6. I love the idea of crazy bins!
    I've just done an 'Ugly Dolls' project with my Y10PD group (we are mainly RM and GP, but wanted to try textiles too!)
    We used recycled clothing and scraps of felt from the leftover box in the textiles room. We got some funky looking ugly dolls (google the brand they are great!) and oddly my lower ability boys with behaviour issues produced the best work...loved it!
  7. Hi, do you happen to have any photos of finished products that you could share? I'm intrigued by this crazy bin idea? Is it a bit like 'Dusty Bin'?
    Thanks :)
  8. I suppose it could look like a dusty bin. I'll upload the sow if you like as it contains a plan for the paper pattern The kids have to measure the can - could be baby milk as well.
  9. I have uploaded the photos and a scheme of work. let me know what you think.
  10. Thanks! They look really cute!
    I want to make one! I must go and speak nicely to the kitchen staff...
  11. should I have patented the idea?!
  12. I found a fantastic lesson on line about recycling and sustainability. It is a theory lesson, but it was really interesting and fun to do. It ended up with students having to do a life cycle analysis of a pair of jeans.
    It featured the 6 R's and the life of a t-shirt and where it ends up I have it at school, but can send a link if you like
  13. Yes please!
    It's paulabell@mhsg.manchester.sch.uk
  14. I think this si the link to the website. I say I think, because it is a very good website, but I can't remember if the lesson came from there, although I think it did, but it might need a bit of finding http://www.sda-uk.org/textiles.html. I will check at school tomorrow. It is KS 4 stuff mainly
  15. I've uploaded my Ugly Doll project sample too for anyone who's interested.
  16. Yes please. amandatextiles@hotmail.com
  17. Hi, this is my first post! In year 9 we have developed a project on reusing and reducing waste (called Waste to Wear) and make textiles products such as gadget holders, coin purses and tote/messenger bags from recycled jeans, pillowcases or plastic carrier bags. The technique used to make plastic carrier bags into a textile material is called polyfusion. Boys in particular love the fusion plastic!
    The fused plastic can even be knitted!
    We show this video to our year 9's:
    Hope this helps!

  18. Hi
    Just looking at this now, and am starting a similar project with my year 9 group next year. I am looking around for ideas as i do not know how it will pan out and how the kids will react to this project.
    I am unable to access your photos or schemes of work. Is it at all possible to send me a copy?
  19. Hi, I've been asked to teach textiles this term to year 9 and love the Ugly Doll idea. I am a technologist but the Graphic & Resistant side. But i'm very much looking forward to doing something different. I know this is really, really cheeky but do you have a scheme or something to help me? In need of help - Jenny
  20. What a great idea. We do a Monsters Inc cushion project but I think this will work well with the 'less motivated'.

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