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Textiles A'level what else?

Discussion in 'Design and technology' started by Dressmate, Apr 15, 2011.

  1. Anyone else still tearing their hair out over this or am I now the lone voice who still doesn't really have a clue how much detail they want us to teach. This week's stress = A2 Marketing Function and all associated bits.......... I have never studied Business Studies and although I borrowed the Head of Business Studies brain for a bit I still worry If i teach this in enough detail....... which makes me hate it, besides its very boring. anyone got any interesting video links for this?
  2. This is my favourite bit! Apart from promotion of fibres.
    I do promotion in general and the role of the ASA. I show that Sophie Dahl perfume ad that was banned. I also show them an advert of some guy drinking beer that was banned by the ASA. I look at Coke adverts (selling happiness) and the banned Budweiser frogs. They love it! (all from Youtube)
    Promotion of new technology: those new Levi jeans that used body scanners to get 3 different body shapes. I know these aren't that new, but what they have addressed and produced with them is new (although I think that is more to do with New Technology). I make them look at a different company in two's and do a presentation. French Connection, Next., M and S, all have repostioned themselves so they are quite interesting to look at.
    Marketing Mix, I get them to bring in a garment, and assess how the marketing mix was used for that garment, and was it successful?
    Visual Merchandising: I make them look at a shop floor in a shop. How are the goods laid out. What is in the centre, at the back etc. How are new colours/theme promoted instore. A lot of them work in shops so are quite helpful here, about how items are laid out.
    Branding: Again things like Burberry and Vauxhaull Chavalier, French Connection and ***.
    Virtual dressing rooms. they know ALL about them.
    Still hate rest of spec though. Am dreading the exams
  3. Thank you............have sent you a message.
  4. Can't find message..............(?)

  5. Bizarre since I sent two, twice because it woouldn't work the first time............do you have an email address?

  6. Have found them and answered them! They weren't there before.
    Let me know if you want any of it....

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