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Textile Design Graduate- DT PGCE or Art & Design PGCE?

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by sarahpollyrichmond, Jul 24, 2013.

  1. Hello!

    I'm in a bit of a dilemma, any advice from anyone who teaches art & design or DT would be a massive help!

    I graduated a year ago with a 2:1 in Contemporary Textiles (a really broad, experimental textile course covering stitch, print, mixed media and 3D) and have since worked in Product Development for a Textile Design Company.

    I applied first of all to do an Art & Design PGCE, from which I was unsuccessful in December. Having heard of exactly how competitive places were on Art and Design PGCE's I changed my application to apply for D&T instead, as I was concerned I wouldn't get a place and am only in a position to be able to move home and afford to do one financially this year. I have been offered a place to do a PGCE in D&T and have picked Textiles as my specialism and Food tech as my minor.

    Basically, a spanner has been thrown into the works. The university that turned me away back in December have just called me and, as people have now dropped out, they have offered me a place!

    I am really unsure of which route to go for and am worried that whichever I pick I won't be able to move from in the near future. I'm a really creative person and I do love textiles, however I think I would also really enjoy the creativity that art teaching brings. My A Level and degree was pretty much Art Textiles which is what I absolutely love, not so much the technicality side of things (although it does still interest me!)

    If I was to complete my PGCE D&T because I can live at home and it's more affordable will it mean I would never stand a chance of being able to teach art? The PGCE leader of Art and Design has just told me its much easier for an Art trained teacher to be able to teach DT and that if I train in D&T it would be very rare to be able to get a post teaching art. I'm not sure if this is the truth or because she's trying to fill her course!

    Any advice would be a great help!

    Thanks so much :)
  2. Firstly, fantastic news!

    Secondly I did an Art & Design based degree so have had to think about which way to take myself also. I would say, as an art specialist, your lessons could take you anywhere, using any medium and probably have you delving into the 'Design' side of things far more often than you think now (dropping into your obvious love of textiles etc...)

    Art is so much more than drawing and a bit of art history and it sounds as if your background would shake things up wonderfully, bringing a new lease of life to the Art dept...

    It is a big choice to make and everyone around you will have their own opinions, your own gut will hopefully lead you to a choice you're comfortable with!

    Fingers crossed we get some Art and DT teachers opinions on here too!
  3. I recently completed a PGCE in Secondary Art & Design at Cambridge University. There was also a PGCE Secondary D&T course. Everybody on the A&D side were from a Fine Art/Photography/Sculpture/Illustration and Animation background. Textiles PGCE students were on the D&T course alongside Product Design, Graphics etc.

    It really depends on how the course is structured and where the specialism is placed. Which is controversial in my opinion.

    However, I do not believe it would hinder your chances if you chose the D&T PGCE and then decided to teach Art.

    Many teaching positions on TES (best time to look is Jan-Apr) advertise for a Teacher of Art and DT.

    The Head of Department at my current school comes from a Textiles background but also teaches Art.

    Whilst I am a NQT I would suggest choosing the PGCE course you are most interested in. Where your subject strengths will be at the forefront of your teaching practice.

    It also depends on the demand for certain teaching expertise once you have graduated. Now your background sounds like it would be suitable for both Art & Design, D&T or even a more specific Teacher of Textiles role, with certain areas (i.e. Resistant Materials) being developed during your PGCE course.

    Decide what you would like to teach in your NQT year to help you determine which avenue to take.

    There is always time to develop additional skills or take on more areas within the Visual Arts. Depends on your NQT school's ethos for Visual Arts and how they are broken down into individual departments or a much larger department similar to Science.

    Best of luck.....where did you apply?
  4. Thank you for your feedback- it's really helpful to have somebody else's thoughts especially having just completed an Art & Design PGCE yourself.

    It's a really tough one as I kind of feel like I sit right in the middle of the two. I think I'm going to follow the D&T route for now as I'm going to move home and do it which makes finance much easier. Hopefully a job may come up that combines the two!

    I'd originally been unsuccessful at Brighton for Art & Design (they are the ones who have just offered me a place as they now have spaces). My second choice was Bristol UWE for Art & Design but I then actually changed routes and opted for D&T as I was concerned I wasn't going to get onto an art & design course. I've got a place doing D&T Textiles with Food at Exeter.

    How have you found your PGCE? Did you enjoy it? I've come across so much negativity towards it all that it's become a bit of a worry lately!

  5. In terms of HE (Higher Education) it has been the most intense so far, in my opinion. The workload is high, but at the same time thoroughly rewarding. Even though by the end of the PGCE your only on about a 60% timetable (with NQT being at 90%) the additional academic side at your PGCE institution more than makes up for this. You learn so much in such a short space of time (it's like a 3 year undergrad crammed into 1, but with 50% of if being at Masters level).

    In my own experience it has confirmed my decision to continue onto an MEd and a future PHD.

    The support was fantastic, my mentors in school placements were great. I know people had mixed experiences, highs and lows. Most importantly the support and friendships formed with fellow PGCE students.

    I'm guessing the 'negativity' may be to do with the intensity and balancing a social life in the year. But this is do-able!

    Don't let the negativity put you off. After all, most PGCE courses are oversubscribed, so that must tell you something about the number of people who want to go into teacher.

    Best of luck.

  6. joli2

    joli2 New commenter

    This comment...WHAT A CHEEK!

    To the OP..we have had DT teachers teaching some lessons in the art departent. It works well on the whole, although obviously depending on the specialislm of their original degree, they might need support/training in other art areas, but you could say the same for an Art NQT.

    One thing I'd consider is that art posts are generally few and far between.
  7. Maybe I have read your statement incorrectly (which happens in a written forum compared to a face to face conversation). Being an Art NQT has nothing to do with skill set in art 'techniques.' You could be an NQT and have a diverse range of skills and be confident in a large number of disciplines. But as always, within art we have to be generalists, capable of knowledge in many disciplines not necessarily linked ot our degrees.
  8. Hi Sarah

    First of all, congratulations on your PGCE place. I wanted to reply to your question as I was in a similar situation to you, an architecture graduate who couldn't decide on art or DT. I finally went the DT route and im so happy with my decision now 3 years later. I also went to Exeter Uni and they have an excellent DT PGCE course from my own experiences. I trained as a textiles specialist with resistant materials as my minor.

    I completed my NQT year teaching textiles and textiles art (perfect combination). I now teach in a new school as the main textiles teacher and also have art on my timetable as the art dept asked me to teach some of their timetable as textiles ( as you are aware) is both an idea material used in DT and art!

    I hope this has helped you! I really enjoy my job and the position and find that the DT textiles is so creative. Many schools also teach textiles art as part of their DT department.

    Good luck

  9. Hi Faye,

    Thank you so much for your reply- it's made me feel a lot better about my decision.

    It's also really nice to hear that although you did the DT route, you've still found it to be very creative and have combined it with teaching some art.

    I know the curriculum for D&T has changed this year- do you know what impact this will have on teaching textiles? Is it going to become much more technology/engineering focused? I also read someones comment on one of these forums saying that textiles is dying out, which I have to admit, scared me a lot! Is this something that you know anything of being somebody who is actually teaching it at the moment?

    Sorry to ask so many questions but it really is helpful!

    Sarah x
  10. Hi Sarah,

    i just wondered how you were getting on as i now think i may have the same dilemma. I had an interview last week for pgce art at uwe i am still waiting to hear from them, the course is very popular although i think the interview went well. My background is ceramics and textiles by the way so i also had an interview for d&t pgce at uwe yesterday and got offered a conditional place straight away (still not taken my skills tests), the course is struggling for applicants and there is a 5k bursery plus a paid SKE. but was given advice ages ago from a teacher i was shadowing and she said to do art because a textiles person could do both art and dt but a dt person couldnt do art. Hope that makes sense, maybe i wont get an offer for the art pgce so wont have to decide.

    Your thoughts would be appreciated


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