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Textbook search

Discussion in 'Geography' started by fella, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. fella

    fella New commenter

    We currently use and havewritte into our SoW the Letts Key Stage 3 Classbook, published by letts, compiled by Adam Arnell.
    Unfortunately this book is no longer in print!! Doh!
    I have tried searching ebay/amazon, etc, but with no luck does anyone know of another source where i may find 20 or so copies??
    Many Thanks.
  2. fella

    fella New commenter

    Please anyone???
    We are desperate here.
  3. missgeo

    missgeo New commenter

    9 copies here http://www.amazon.co.uk/Geography-Classbook-KS3-Ks3-Classbooks/dp/1840854200
  4. fella

    fella New commenter

    Thanks, may try that but was really looking for more!
    Running with photocopies until we can write new SOW!!

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