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Textbook names

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by jane80, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. smoothnewt

    smoothnewt Star commenter

    whoops - starting to repeat myself in my advancing years!
  2. ChilePhilly

    ChilePhilly New commenter

    "Un Kilo de Chansons", my goodness. Altogether now..."Le port, le port, c'est loin? mais non, mais non, c'est tout près! ..etc"

    Not to mention, while we're on the subject of Würstchen the *****-Man..

    altogether now..Herr Doktor Herr Doktor ich bin so krank....Book 2, I think.

    (sings off into the distance. Thank **** for that says everyone else)
  3. mco45

    mco45 New commenter

    Moi j'ai soif! Je voudrais un orangina! Maths les maths c'est difficile mais le français, c'est bien facile! (How subliminal is that?!)Quelle est la date de ton anniversaire?
  4. I don't tecah German but did do it at school. (I seem to reacall a boy called Wolf (???) visiting Hermannsdenkmal).

    One famous Friday afternoon, a colleague was doing "Guten tag und hallo, ich heisse Christina" as well as "Ich bin auslander und spricht nicht zehr gut deutch" (tune: she'll be coming round the mountain). I set off from sunny Berkshire to drive to Yorkshire for the weekend and o/h tells me I sang these 2 songs all the way for 200 miles!!

    I loved parts of Escalier (still have a few copies on my shelves here) - but what about Arc-en Ciel?? The chapter in Arc 3 which featured how life used to be? My recurring nightmare!!!!
    I posted on here this afternoon and my post has not appeared. WHY?????????????????????
  6. Someone mentioned picture essays - I remember one very embarrassing one, where there was a little girl on holiday. There was a picture of what I thought was the Taj Mahal, so I wrote a great essay about her visiting India. It turned out to be the Sacre Coeur!! I'd never been to Paris then, so I had no idea!!! I felt like such a ****!!

  7. "André prend le petit déjeuner la la la la......"

    Puaaaa Wow! Thank you for the sausage information and still more for your scan offer. I am gladly taking you up on it. Have duly posted an address below. No rush of course. And good luck for tomorrow!

    The 'Einfach Toll' book sounds a real gem for anywhere but in the classroom. It rmeinds me of the Oscar Mayer wiener. Oscar Mayer is the best known cold meats producer here. They have a very popular advertising vehicle called the Wienermobile, which has a giant sausage on top of it, complete with one raised end. There's a picture on the web site and better views available via google.


    In recent years, they've had a "Win the Wienermobile for a day" competition, which generated thousands of entries. Their jingle from ages ago is now part of popular culture, with just about everyone being able to sing it at the drop of a hat. (I'm sure it's a traditonal tune, but now even I can only associate it with Oscar Mayer. Ah the power of advertising.)

    Oh I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Wiener.
    That is what I'd truly like to be.
    'Cause if I were an Oscar Mayer Wiener,
    Ev'ryone would be in love with me.

    Make of it what you will. Useful when explaining the subjunctive, of course.....

    Mattie (alsomrsmattie@aol.com)
  8. Please post again Petite Joueuse! If you can bear to do a rewrite.

    I promise to send appropriate curses to the posting gods if you do. Though I've sent so many on my own behalf that they've probably blocked my cursemail by now.

  9. Thanks Mattie!

    I think I was haranguing namaste!...but, on reflection, I might have posted on the thread about falling numbers in MFL.

    By the way, this thread has to be one of the best I've seen in ages!
    I will sign up for copies of Ennui, Desavantage and ***** Extra ASAP.

    Another thought also... my mother used Whitmarsh in 1947...and I used him (slightly revamped in 1983).
    Does he still exist?
  10. This thread has been great, i just wish i was old enough to remember some more of the greats. But as a new languages teacher, i await the inspirational names of the textbooks of the future!
    Sometimes I take in my old black and white Tricolore and Vaya and show my pupils, "this is what I had to use, so count yourselves lucky etc etc". Its funny seeing them turn the pages gingerly as if its some sort of relic from the ancient past and the pages will disintegrate at any moment. It was only the late eighties for Gods sake!!
  11. mco45

    mco45 New commenter

    We still have and regularly use tricolores 3 and 4 from the early 80's (pupils love the dated pictures0 and the first editions of Escalier and Einfach Toll.In my first year of teaching we were one of the schools in the northwest which trialled Escalier.
  12. roverlei

    roverlei New commenter

    Wie heißt das auf Deutsch?
    Das heißt Salat

    Wie heißt das auf Deutsch?
    Das heißt Spinat
    und das hier ist Milch

    und das, Kaffee

    und hier sind zwei Eier

    und hier ist Tee!
  13. runaway

    runaway New commenter

    ***** - but it may already exist - I know ***** Encore does - by some american with lots of rude words and slang in it.
    Am I the only one who liked Etoiles?
  14. yes, there's the complete *****.That's a regular book of slang and obscenities. (so not a text book then!)
  15. What was that German textbook from the mid 80s with a sort of "Where's Wally" cover - if you look closely, on the front cover under the bridge there is a flasher, yes a flasher. Why ???

    Picture stories- re Taj Mahal, in my A-Level mock exam I chose the title "Das Autonomie in Deutschland" and wrote about car travel in Germany!!!

    Sprich Mal Deutsch- Das ist das Gras. Das Gras ist grun ( sorry,got no umlauts ). Das ist die Kohle. Die Kohle ist Sschwarz. etc etc
    Also " Plotzlich erscheint ein Polizist am Wagenfenster" as Herr Ehlers' defective Verkehrsampel is detected by the local constabulary. Great recipe for Obsttorte in Book 1 decorated with ein Kreis von Kirschen, ein Kreis von Bananen, etc.

    Longmans AV French - anyone remember in Book 3 or 4 the "bande(no accents either) a tout faire", a sad group of lawnmowing and babysitting teenagers and an accompanying song about them.

    1979 - the Ealing Spanish Course and Nos ponemos en camino.

    And the worst of all - Spirale 2. How could ANYONE write a book which presents the perfect tense for the first time by using the sentences "un sanglier a chasse mon pere" and " j'ai jete des fleurs dans un liquide".

    Finally , Action 1+2 by Mike Buckby. Did anyone else have piles of these in their room with the author's surname changed to begin with F ?

    Oh come back Monsieur Myope, all is forgiven. Tournez a gauche Monsieur Myope, pour eviter l'eau
  16. just remembered name of "laser" textbook. Los geht's Bk 1.

  17. mco45

    mco45 New commenter

    We still have the Action books! Though we rarely use them I have to say! But - must confess - none of ours were ever changed to F...by so obviously I live in a school far better than yours!!!!I'm jealous!
  18. Amazed no-one has mentioned AU MICRO - my favourite of all time!
  19. On a much more serious note...

    Have you all had a good look at the Expo series from heinnemann? (I think the German version has a similar title...but I can't remember it????)

    I'm really (genuinely, for once!) impressed - loads of activities, lots of fun, approachable grammar explanantions - good mixture of TL and common sense explanations in English - starters - thought-provoking materials etc. etc.

    Anyone tried the German version?
  20. i think the german one is called echo, the german dept in my school seem happy with it.

    we use avance for french which is similar and i like it for the same reasons pj has mentioned below.

    was the german book with franzi the pig in? we did that at school. classic!

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