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Textbook names

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by jane80, Feb 22, 2005.

  1. Just musing... Expo, Equipe, Passe Partout, Metro, Avantage, Tricolore (that's as far back as I remember)... who thinks of these bloody names!
  2. Just musing... Expo, Equipe, Passe Partout, Metro, Avantage, Tricolore (that's as far back as I remember)... who thinks of these bloody names!
  3. mco45

    mco45 New commenter

    Bring back Longman's Audio Visual French I say!
  4. Is Tricolore still obsessed with La Rochelle? I remember that was the only place it ever mentioned in the edition I used to have at school! Even now I can't think of the town without thinking of the awful 70s black and white pics!
  5. smoothnewt

    smoothnewt Star commenter

    I dreamt of being able to use a resource as trendy as Tricolore when I started teaching! I had to enthrall them with "Le Français d'Aujourd'hui", which was infact pretty "avant-hier" by then.

    mco: was it La famille Marsaud in Longmans, or la famille Bertillon? I think the Bertillons were in Le Français d'Aujourd'hui, but it's all a bit of a blur!

    Does anyone remember Eclair? We used that as light relief from the Bertillons, I seem to remember.

  6. Incommunicado

    Incommunicado Established commenter

    Oh, Eclair.... I remember that there was a full English-French vocab on the back page of eah booklet: I got quite depressed one day when I laid out all the booklets on a table, looked at the vocab and realised that even if they internalised every single word they would still not be able to speak any useful French!

    Levez les bras! Baissez les bras! Sautez!

    What a con.
  7. Oh I remember the Bertillon family - that was when I was at school. Weren't they the ones where Papa was a Douanier and they lived just south of Paris??

    Before that, though, I had a book which I cannot remember the name of, - a boy called Zazou I do reall, and a cat called Mimi who, in one chapter "a grimpé dans l'arbre" - anyone else know that one?
  8. smoothnewt

    smoothnewt Star commenter

    am not familiar with that one, aspidistra, but I do recall that language such as "a grimpé dans l'arbre" would have been essential preparation for the O level oral exam, where a series of four pictures had to be recounted as a story in French. Invariably the scene involved a hunter with his gun chasing a rabbit down a hole, or indeed, a dog chasing a cat up a tree!
  9. La famille Bertillon - now there's a blast from the past. I seem to remember the dog was called KIKI, and the boy was called NORBERT!
  10. Hexagone, Essor, Objectif Bac, Zenith, Tout Droit - anyone remember En Avant?

  11. So what would you all call the next brilliant text-book? Evasion? Fuite? Or how about something original like Livre?
  12. Incommunicado

    Incommunicado Established commenter

    Or how about... "Nelson's Modern Method French Course" back in the sixties ? So thorough that you could be as good, after 2 years, as today's best GCSE students, if not better. AND you could work from that book independently.

    Ah, memories.
  13. oh smoothnewt, now I'm depressed. I had Zazou and his "grimping" "chat" in what we would now call year 7!! Have things really changed that much?
  14. Incommunicado - that's a really interesting point. Only today I was bemoaning to a colleague that the French I spoke at age 16 was light years ahead of what our best GCSE students are producing, AND up to "o-level", as far as I can recall, there was actually very little French spoken in the classroom - if I'd forgotten my book I would have told the teacher in English and requested paper to work on (and probably sat a detention!). Yet, interestingly enough, at A-Level, I had a teacher who did not speak a word of English to us in 2 years (and he remains a close friend to this day!)

    I dare to lay the blame fully at the feet of the Target Language brigade!
  15. Incommunicado

    Incommunicado Established commenter

    Yes, Petite Joueuse, you got it in one. The Target Language Brigade have got an awful lot to answer for, if they could ever bring themselves to admit it. Excessive TL use is a MASSIVE turn-off for the kids, but tutors seem to be in a position to virtually blackmail students into using TL by threatening to fail them if they do not. What hope do the kids have if they cannot ask the teacher for help, or talk ABOUT the language.

    If I wanted to learn a new language I would turn to an English person with a sound knowledge of it, who could cope with my asking "What are the verb endings in the Imperfect tense?", rather than a monoglot native-speaker. The latter can come MUCH later.
  16. mco45

    mco45 New commenter

    Longman's -it was the Marsaud family: Marie-France, Claudette, Jean -Paul and their dog Bruno. As for Eclair, was that the one set in Dieppe? I did my year in France in Dieppe about two years after they'd made that book and some of my pupils were in it as was our school - it was liket their claim to fame - then when I started teaching and used it and told my pupils they were well impressed!Which one had the daft puppet PMF - was that Eclair too? How about 'Action' 1,2 and 3 and their puppet frog?
  17. mco45

    mco45 New commenter

    Re point 15 - you are just SOOO RIGHT!
  18. mco45

    mco45 New commenter

    Re point 11 - how about Ennui? Or 'Désavantage'?
  19. I think the difficulty you are finding is that you need to know how to use a text book right and grade it according to the ability of your class. A text book is a tool and we are the artisans crafting the skills in our students. They are bad workmen who blame the tools maybe. I like all the text books I have seen but I am not as negative as most of the teachers on here. My glass is still half full not half empty. Look for the good in things and you will see the good in yourselves.

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