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Textbook advice

Discussion in 'Geography' started by juggler, Nov 25, 2018.

  1. juggler

    juggler New commenter

    Morning all, I am the principal of a very small and very niche British school in Egypt. Whilst our staff are very dedicated and hard-working, not all are qualified or even educated in the UK so I need to support than as best as possible in their very challenging role. I need to buy KS3 Geography textbooks and I'd like your advice. Can you tell me what books you use and their pros and cons. I really need something that is plug and play as it were - open the book and teach. I'm not saying our teachers don't plan, but I would certainly prioritise immediate deliverability (that's not a word is it?) straight out of the book over slightly better/deeper content.
  2. jane11

    jane11 New commenter

    Geog 1 = year 7
    Geog 2 = year 8
    Geog 3 = year 9

    A good series of textbooks which are much improved in their most recent publication (4th edition I think?)
  3. juggler

    juggler New commenter

    Thank you. These are by OUP right?
  4. jane11

    jane11 New commenter

    Yes OUP. Good for subject specialists but also very accessible for non specialist/ cover teachers.
  5. circuskevin

    circuskevin Established commenter

    I wonder if @juggler juggles his balls or his finances?


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