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Test layout website?

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by Bonnie23, Aug 28, 2019.

  1. Bonnie23

    Bonnie23 Occasional commenter


    I wasn't sure what to call this topic.

    Basically I want to make a lot of tests to cover various different topics across the year groups, I teach Design and Technology and haven't found any websites that suit what I need.

    The problem is when I make the tests myself it takes longer to create the right format and appearance of the test than actually writing the questions.

    Does anyone know of any good websites or resources where I can input the question and perhaps choose a layout?

    I love using Quzizz and Kahoot but they're not detailed enough for the type of tests I'm after.

    Any other advice would be high appreciated. Thank you!
  2. elder_cat

    elder_cat Lead commenter

    Hi @Bonnie23

    Perhaps you might want to take a look at an application I used to use, called Tanida QuizBuilder. I know you're asking for apps to create Tests, and it's called QuizBuilder, but to my mind the difference between a quiz and a test is arguably just semantics. A quiz suggests something lighthearted, not too difficult or demanding, with no real consequences attached to how well one does. Whereas a test, on the other hand, suggests something requiring deeper levels of thought and understanding, where the results are deemed to be more significant. From here on in, I'm using the words quiz and test interchangeably.

    Like any other app, it has its' good and not-so-good points.


    * You can restrict which students are able to access the quiz.
    * You can specify when the quiz is made available for students to take it.
    * You can specify how long the quiz will remain available to students, before being closed.
    * You can set a time limit for the quiz.
    * You can control whether or not a student is allowed to retake the quiz.
    * Students can get feedback on the questions they got right and those they got wrong, immediately after completing the quiz. No need to mark test papers.
    * When a student takes the quiz, you can have the results emailed to you, again showing which questions they got right and which they got wrong.
    * You can export those results from the app into a spreadsheet, giving you a historical record of how each student did in each quiz.
    * You can randomise the order in which the questions appear, to reduce the chances of copying between two students sat next to each other.
    * You can customise the feedback given for correct or incorrect answers.
    * You can use different formats for individual questions, i.e., single selection, multiple selection, cloze, etc.
    * The quizzes were more visually appealing than the standard quiz formats offered by the VLE we were running at the time.
    * No steep learning curve required to become comfortable with using the program.


    * They used to allow the export of quizzes in HTML 5 format, albeit with reduced functonality, (although that wasn't a problem for me), but seem to have ditched that format option.
    * It appears the developers haven't been too bothered about updating the program in quite some time, although it worked just fine for me on our Windows 7 systems.
    * I had to pay for it myself. I bought the standard single-user licence - not much diffrence in price to the educational licence, and no messing about proving eligibility.

    I had the previous version - the current version appears to have pretty much the same feature set, except they've ditched the ability to export quizzes as HTML 5 format. Anyway, I think this is the URL for the current version if you'd like to check it out for yourself:


    It may not address all your needs in terms of a feature set, but may just be worth a look.
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  3. mathsmutt

    mathsmutt Star commenter

    Microsoft Forms any use ?
    Nicely integrates into Sway, Teams and Assignments.

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