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Tesco's Help - Organisational chart

Discussion in 'Business studies' started by brooks_am, Jan 26, 2007.

  1. A trick I sometimes use with KS5 students (probably less appropriate for KS4/BTEC), when you don't have an org chart, is to look at the job titles of the executive directors by researching the investor side of the company's website.
    This tells you a bit about how the company views its functions, markets and aims at a strategic level. It's also a way of introducing stakeholders (different websites for investors and customers), and it reinforces teaching about big corporate groups by showing that Tesco plc is a very different beast from the-Tesco-store-down-the-road.
    For Tesco, this can be found at www.tescocorporate.com/plc/about_us/.
    Every big corporate customer-facing website will have a link to their investor-facing website, which usually tells you about their board of directors and/or exec committee. It's well worth a look.
  2. Christy17

    Christy17 New commenter

    OCR National Level 3 - would really appreciate a copy of the organisational chart


  3. I used to work for Tesco... Saw the one for stores but it is easy to work out Head Office Structure from the corporate website. Look at directors on board. Take out non executives... They do not manage day to day. Then start with CEO, Then Chairman and then each Director is responsible for one or two departments. So then you have list of depts. then each department is run by a Manager of Dept, below them are Executives. Secretaries link to Manager of Dept. Oh and no sales dept - this is retail which are effectively the stores. Store managers report to regional directors who report to director on board. And buying dept is commercial, no production dept as Tesco have suppliers who they buy from. These are the principles used to look at board of directors for any PLC. Hope helps.
  4. limjunwei_ictsmksm

    limjunwei_ictsmksm New commenter

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