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TES Weekend Workshop - How to Become Outstanding - 21st May

Discussion in 'Professional development' started by TES_Careers, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. How to become Outstanding
    Improving your lessons - inspiring learning
    Every teacher wants to get better but research shows that performance management, monitoring and experience aren't helping. Her Majesty's Chief Inspector says that in 50% of secondary schools and 43% of primary schools teaching is no better than satisfactory.
    Sara Bubb will lead this half day seminar in London on Saturday 21st May, 2011.
    By the end of the seminar participants will know more about:
    What makes an effective lesson
    What excellent learning looks like
    How to inspire pupils to learn
    Participants will get a chance to reflect on the impact of their own practice and think about how they might enable all their learners to make more progress.

    Sara Bubb - is an experienced teacher who leads England's Advanced Skills Teacher (AST) network, lectures at the Institute of Education and has been a consultant for many Teachers TV programmes. For eight years she wrote a careers advice column in the TES and answered questions on its community. She has many written papers and articles as well as 14 books.
    £55 including VAT and registration fee - http://tesweekendworkshop26.eventbrite.com

    Comments from previous attendees:
    "Superb! Well worth getting up at 5am for!"
    "Worth giving up a Saturday for, enjoyed every minute and learned loads"
    "Very interesting, particularly enjoyed/valued the comparison of 2 lessons. The pricing and timing was perfect"
    "Practical, useful, very interesting. I'm inspired!"

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